How I Met Your Mother – “Mom and Dad”

Season Nine, Episode Ten


Grade: C

Right from the beginning, I wasn’t crazy about the premise for this episode. With a Parent Trap vibe, Barney wants to force his parents to get back with each other, starting with malfunctioning the elevator and suggesting they have sex with each other. He even goes through the trouble in lowering wine, champagne, and a iPod playing a sensual version of “Bang Bang Bangity Bang” while they’re stuck in the elevator, but to no avail. Barney’s plans are complicated when James has the same idea with hopes his dad and mom will get back together.

The story is weak but it’s still full of many fun HIMYM moments, especially the black-and-white musical sequence when Barney and James imagine their parents reuniting. But it doesn’t do enough to carry the rather lackluster A-story. Meanwhile, Barney gives Ted the mission to keep the Wayne Gretzky signed photo for Robin until they’re married. Best Man Mosby is on the job, but after taking a shower he finds the photo covered with ink. “My calligraphy ink! I mean, the Gretzky photo!” Ted exclaims. This allows the alter-ego of Detective Mosby to come back, though Lily comments that he’s such a bad detective that he can’t even detect sarcasm.

This part of the story-line is much better, though still frustrating how it doesn’t move the season along at all. Detective Mosby has three suspects: Billy Zapka, the shifty eye bellhop, and Robin’s cousin Claude from Quebec. After investigating all of them, he comes to the conclusion that he must’ve spilled the ink on the photo, until at the same time him and Lily discover is was all a part of Zapka’s plan to steal the photo! Not very surprising, but still entertaining enough to keep the episode moving at a good pace. But after a great episode from last week where we get insight to important character decisions, all of this just seems irrelevant.

Finally in the C-story Marshall and Daphne are getting along, singing The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” with great enthusiasm, until like the switch of a light Daphne starts lashing out at Marshall. We’ve spent way too much time already with this road trip, but again this was a decision made by the writers and hopefully it all pays off at the end. I am glad to say that this seems to be the final episode Daphne is seen alongside Marshall, as she attends her daughter’s speech as Marshall leaves her with her family. There’s only 27 hours left until the wedding and Marshall couldn’t rejoin the gang any sooner!

In the end, Billy Zapka comes out at the real winner, which was due since according to him he’s been the bad guy his whole life after The Karate Kid. But do we really want an episode where Zapka plays a big part of the story? Where does that get us with how Ted meets his wife? Where is the character development as we wind down the final season of HIMYM? Sure, it’s a fun-filled episode with gimmicks, but it’s one that if you skip, you wouldn’t miss much and in my opinion, HIMYM can do much better.

Last but not least:

  • “Marriage is just a meaningless piece of paper.” – Barney. Robin’s a lucky woman.
  • That case from eight years ago that Detective Mosby hasn’t solved: The Pineapple Incident. Now THAT’S an episode I wouldn’t mind seeing.
  • Things Marshall did wrong while Daphne was throwing a hissy fit: he left the bag of oranges on the roof of the car, flagged an officer down when Daphne was driving 67 mph, and used a word that is offensive to Daphne and her people alike, “Trekkie.”
  • “Kids don’t understand logic. Kids understand who shows up.”

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