Revolution – “Come Blow Your Horn”

Season Two, Episode Eight


Grade: B+

Truman tells the residents of Willoughby (I keep thinking to type Woodbury from The Walking Dead) that Miles is the one responsible for the bomb that went off inside the walls and that he, along with Aaron, Rachel, and Charlie, are terrorists. So what does the gang decide to do? Make them eat their words by cooking up a bomb to eliminate Dr. Horn and anyone else hiding in the headquarters.

This part of the episode was full of the most tension because of the elephant in the room that Rachel and Charlie eventually discuss: what to do with Gene Porter? Charlie knows she can’t forgive her grandfather but she can forget his betrayal, while Rachel has more rage than forgiveness inside of her heart. What ends up happening is what we all expected, while Rachel sneaks to the roof of the building, Gene walks in to visit with Dr. Horn. Does Rachel drop the chemicals? Charlie certainly doesn’t want her to, but Miles calmly mutters that it’s Rachel’s decision. That all changes when a few Patriot officers bring in Aaron and Cynthia. The problem is Rachel doesn’t see this and Miles and Charlie have no way to tell her. Can this be the end of a handful of major characters?!

Of course not, but I must admit that this was one of the more suspenseful moments on Revolution this season. The way Rachel quietly climbs the steps to the roof while a dozen guards litter the yard. Seeing Gene walk into the headquarters just added to the decision of leaving the building in flames, but then when Aaron is seen your heart just drops! But ninja Miles swoops in and prevents Rachel from dropping the chemicals (which has me thinking, why didn’t Miles just climb to the roof instead of Rachel?).

This is when we just have to say, Poor Aaron. Since the beginning he’s been the one who’s arguably the most useless out of the group. He even knows it, but he’s that underdog character that it’s hard to root against. But since he’s been resurrected from the dead and has super-human powers, he’s target number one on Dr. Horn’s list. Why? Because he has a tumor growing in his brain and believes the nanotech that brought Aaron back to life can cure his tumor. Whoa. Oh, and Dr. Horn will do anything for this to happen, which includes torturing Aaron, watching his body heal itself like Wolverine, and eventually has an officer stab Cynthia to draw out an emotional response. That Dr. Horn is an evil man!

Meanwhile, Neville talks with Allenford’s husband, Roger, and makes a deal with him to hand over his traitor wife so the camp can see his loyalty to the Patriots. Roger has a change of heart nearing the site his wife’s being held, but Neville’s no fool. “I thought something like this might happen,” he said with a small smile. You simply don’t mess with Neville. Period. In the end, Roger shoots Secretary Allenford and Neville’s plan to climb the Patriot ranks is still moving flawlessly. It’s uncertain what’s going to be Neville’s next play, but that’s what keeps this part of the story-line so interesting. Unlike Miles and company trying to escape Willoughby (and for a while now), we really don’t know what’s in store for Neville as he continues to travel from camp to camp.

In the end, a lot of characters are facing imminent danger: Aaron spreads flames in the dungeon, Gene stares down the gun pointed at his head from Truman, Cynthia’s stab wound to the stomach, and Miles and company still wanted as terrorists. Last week I pointed out how the urgency level should be raised… well we finally got it. Now I’m concerned whether or not Revolution will keep their foot on the gas pedal, or will they slow down the action and draw out all the situations?

Last but not least:

  • Monroe leaves Aaron because if he’s captured, he’s dead. Smart, and also shows how Monroe wouldn’t sacrifice himself for others.
  • Miles has a nasty infection spreading down his arm. Still, with one arm he’s still a kick-ass killing machine.
  • Charlie was border-line annoying, preaching to her mom about keeping Gene alive.
  • We see a lot of Dr. Horn flashbacks and learn he’s not a religious man, but he’s still a creepy old hellraiser!

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