Second Opinion: I Love You, Man vs. The Muppets

The Second Opinion posts will feature the opposite view of my Flickchart Battle decision. Here, my former podcasting partner, Mike Sheehan attempts to explain why the movie I didn’t choose is the one he would’ve chose.


Whenever you compare a comedy to another comedy people are going to get super defensive and mad because humor is so subjective. In this match-up we have two very funny movies and picking one over the other is just a matter of taste, and simply what you find funnier. Especially if both movies are well made and entertaining, which is the case here.

I don’t know if I Love You, Man had a vast advertising campaign, but I had never heard of the film until it was in theaters. Which is surprising since it was the follow-up film of Jason Segel after Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was also starring Paul Rudd, who was on the rise in popularity. Upon viewing the film I laughed my butt off! I thought it was the funniest film Paul Rudd had been in, and Jason Segel was a riot. A cool story-line about friendship and love made it connect with me and audiences in general. I still quote some of the lines when talking people. And when this movie comes on TV, I will most likely watch it any time it’s on. But is it funnier than The Muppets?

Before I answer that, let me tell you how excited I was for The Muppets. I heard that Jason Segel was developing this movie, and man was I excited! I thought back to the puppet scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and hoped The Muppets would be just as silly and fun. The Muppets did not disappoint! It was big, it was epic, it was funny, but the thing it did best was remind me of my childhood. It was a perfect vision of what the Muppets always were at heart. Plus it had a cute story-line and an Oscar-winning song.

So which movie did I choose? It is probably fairly obvious but I will say this. Funny may not be something we can ever argue upon as a society, but as long as we are laughing then what does it matter what we laugh at.

Winner: The Muppets

This is why I picked I Love You, Man over The Muppets.


2 Responses to Second Opinion: I Love You, Man vs. The Muppets

  1. Heath says:

    I Love You, Man is one of my favorite comedies of all time. Every time I watch it I laugh as hard as I did during my first viewing. Paul Rudd is my hero (he is getting an invite to my wedding) and I like almost everything he does (let’s not talk about Our Idiot Brother).

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