The Walking Dead – “Internment”

Season Four, Episode Five


Grade: B+

After we said farewell to Carol last episode, which stirred up some controversy to say the least, we’re back at the prison to see how our sick residents are doing under the care of Hershel. There are a few things going very wrong at the prison and the virus is just one of them. The other thing threatening everyone’s well-being is the herd of zombies from the forest that is caving in one part of the fence. This has been a problem since the beginning of the season and no one’s been able to figure out a way to barricade themselves better. I guess they’re too busy taking showers and harvesting vegetables to really worry about the zombie problem.

To be fair, that seems like a secondary problem to the virus outbreak that has a dozen or so residents ill. Hershel’s doing his best to delay the inevitable, but things turn for the worse real quickly in the middle third of this episode, and boy is this part intense! We get a lot of death, some very close calls, and Maggie running in to save the day. All of this action was spliced back-and-forth with the action of the fence caving in and Rick and Carl gunning the herd down. This was the most action the fourth season has had so far and it was worth it!

After all the excitement dies down, Daryl and his group return with the medicine. Glen looked like he was minutes away from becoming a walker, but after the meds he’s stabilized. Tyreese is shown holding Sasha as she’s doing better as well. What we’re left with are some great issues that The Walking Dead can sometimes provide. First and foremost, the way Hershel ran things with the sick. The way he couldn’t stab someone in the head in front of everyone else who are sick. There is an optimism that exists inside of Hershel and he’s doing his best to spread that as quickly as the virus did. He’s the wise, glass-half-full sort of leader the prison needs in such misery, and without him I’m not sure if there would be much to live for within that group (other than possibly Maggie and Glen).

Turning the corner we had Carl stepping up and being the bad-ass that he’s capable of being. More importantly, Rick was able to trust him and put Carl in a dangerous situation. It was a combination of knowing that he needed help and that Carl is more than capable of lending a hand, but it was Rick’s decision. His kid’s growing up and though nothing is ideal anymore, he can’t help but to see a lot of himself in Carl. This isn’t playing catch in the backyard, but this is as close as Rick and Carl can share as a father-and-son bonding moment.

Finally, we have to wait until next episode for when Rick tells Daryl about Carol. Maggie agreed with Rick’s decision, but I’m sure Daryl isn’t going to be as easy-going. How is this going to affect the dynamic of the two leaders of the group? There are certainly more in Team Daryl’s camp than in Team Rick’s, but since day one it’s been Rick’s group and he’s been the one making the tough decisions. Whether he likes it or not, he’s the one always in the middle of the make-or-break moments: Killing Shane, withholding the secret, banishing Carol. Maggie admits that it’s the right choice, but she wouldn’t have had the guts to do it. I doubt many would’ve, but isn’t that the point?

Last but not least:

  • So it seems like The Governor is back. Not quite sure how I feel about that.
  • Tell me why the smaller group didn’t just stay at Woodbury again? They seemed to have more protection than flimsy fences.
  • No one really believed Glen was going to die anyway.
  • Good thing Dr. Caleb had that shot gun in his cell, or things could’ve gotten much messier.

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