Revolution – “The Patriot Act”

Season Two, Episode Seven


Grade: B

With the death that never was, it just happens that no one was surprised either. Let’s just take that into consideration for a moment. Miles seemed to be upset that his former buddy was about be lethally injected. I mean, he was staring into space, alone at a bar. That’s a dead giveaway of how he feels! Plus Charlie and Aaron seemed pretty sad as well, but everyone was present when Monroe’s eyes opened. Surprise! Or not. Which makes me wonder, if everyone (or at least someone) knew about this, how did Gene not hear about the plan (since he’s a spy Patriot). I’m not entirely buying this, but whatever it’s in the past.

Monroe is beyond the walls of Willoughby but the main concern this episode is for Aaron, who has been linked to Rachel for knowing about the nanotech. Dr. Calvin Horn (Zeljko Ivanek) is up to no good and he doesn’t even bother to hide it. Whether he’s talking or just staring at you, you cringe at the possibility of what he’s thinking. He’s offended that Rachel doesn’t remember him (strike one!) from back in the day when he was involved with the technology Rachel was discovering. But now Dr. Horn is the adviser to the President and he wants answers from Rachel.

Even though Rachel and Aaron are in the direct line of fire here, this is Gene Porter’s episode. We see flashbacks of how he became involved with the Patriots and through time he develops a guilty conscience. So he over-hears the group devising a plan to get Aaron pass the guards of Willougby and wants to help. But Porter becomes another victim of Dr. Horn’s maniacal stare and gives the plan up. Good thing Miles is one step ahead of him! So they go through with Plan B, which involves Aaron and Cynthia to climb through the sewers. And just when you think they’re caught, Monroe to the rescue! Well, Monroe and Aaron’s supernatural powers to set people on fire. What’s interesting about this is how Cynthia and Monroe witnesses this. Monroe wants to learn how Aaron did it while Cynthia is scared out of her mind.

All of this is really hard on Rachel and she’s unable to accept the fact that her dad is a Patriot who sold her out. But the mission is accomplished. Aaron and Cynthia are free with Monroe, though this does mean that Dr. Horn will definitely be after Rachel. While all of this is going on, Neville sprung quite a surprise on us this episode. Allenford sees the effects wearing off on Jason and laments how she should’ve given her own son a better chance. And then Neville drugs her and later on admits she’s been duped! She was the target this entire time and now they’re on their way to her super high Patriot husband to tear them down! How’s that for a Revolution twist!

Even though Revolution is only in its second season, there’s a big difference in the way they’re establishing setting. We’ve been practically stuck in Willoughby this season while in season one we were brought on the adventure of the characters constantly moving (either to rescue Danny or to kill Monroe). Yes, we still have Neville on the road but it sort of seems like a prison break where the rest of the main characters are captive in Willoughby, trying to find a way out. Sure, they want to tear down the Patriot empire first, but how is that even going to be possible without some outside reinforcements? Right now, it seems like the plot has stalled quite a bit, waiting for something big to happen to give Miles a chance to bring a fight to them. Whether that’s going to be Neville or not has yet to be seen, but I hope they don’t wait too long.


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