Second Opinion: Bridesmaids vs. Rush

The Second Opinion posts will feature the opposite view of my Flickchart Battle decision. Here, my former podcasting partner, Mike Sheehan attempts to explain why the movie I didn’t choose is the one he would’ve chose.


Comedy vs. drama is always going to be a tough matchup. You’re stuck having to decide if something was so funny that it is worth picking over a drama.

Rush was a silent success this year, getting major critical acclaim, and for good reason. This movie took 2 sides of the story, James Hunt’s side and Niki Lauda’s side, and allows the viewer to decide which they liked better.  The main question is: what would you be willing to do to win? The film does an incredible job of leaving the decision up to the viewer, which I think is a testament to the writing and directing of the film. I was especially impressed with the cinematography that really made me feel like I was in the driver’s seat of a Formula One car, and made my heart pound with every lap of the races they showed.

On the other side, Bridesmaids was a loud success in 2011. It got major critical acclaim and also won a bunch of awards. Bridesmaids accomplished something not many other films have, it was a female lead comedy that was successful in the box office. The only other movie I can think of that could claim the same would be Sex and the City, but Bridesmaids brought in a lot more money and was even considered funny by men.  What I think made this film so good was that is was about friendship, something we all can relate to. Kristin Wiig really showed us she has acting chops, and along with a great ensemble cast, the film was able to make a mark in the pantheon of comedies to be remembered.

Both films were great. But alas I have to choose one and pick Bridesmaids for one simple reason. Rewatchability. This is a film you can watch over and over and over and it will still be hilarious. While I loved Rush, I don’t think I will ever watch it more than two times in my life.

Winner: Bridesmaids

This is why I picked Rush over Bridesmaids.


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