Flickchart Battle: Bridesmaids vs. Rush


This post contains spoilers.

Good golly, could these two films be any more different? Chicks with their weddings, bachelorette party, and maid of honor duties versus guys and their fast race cars, arrogance, and alcohol. But what both of these movies have going for them is that they’re both freaking awesome films. And more importantly, I really enjoyed them a lot.

One aspect that I can’t ignore while I try to decide which of them I like better is how my expectations were before seeing both films. Bridesmaids had that post-Hangover buzz about it, but who wouldn’t be excited about girls going wild? Plus I love Kristin Wiig, so Bridesmaids gets a few extra points for that. And the best part is that Bridesmaids didn’t disappoint. It was as funny as advertised and was able to fend off the Hangover comparisons because from start to finish, it’s the better movie of the two (that’s right! Bridesmaids > The Hangover. I’m in total Flickchart Battle mode now!).

Meanwhile, I’ll admit that I didn’t want to see Rush when I first heard about it. I couldn’t stop seeing Chris Hemsworth’s face on every poster and okay, a movie about racing is whatever. And Hemsworth is just a pretty face with long hair that I cannot vision without that hammer in his hand, so he does nothing for me. But while I had low expectations, Rush completely blew me away! I didn’t expect Ron Howard to have made one of the best films in his career, and how incredible Daniel Bruhl’s performance would be as Niki Lauda. I left the film completely happy that I went to go see Rush and couldn’t wait to recommend it to my friends. It was that kind of experience that doesn’t happen too often.

So which is more impressive? A movie like Bridesmaids with very high expectations and meets them, or a movie like Rush with low expectations but passes them with flying colors? It’s real tough to compare these two because of the different genres. Bridesmaids is a superb romantic comedy that uniquely appeals to women just as much as men. It’s funny, raunchy, and leaves you with a smile and some ever-lasting scenes you’re sure to be talking about with your friends for years to come. Rush is more close-minded and specific to its audience. It’s a biographical sports drama about Formula One racing. It doesn’t have a main character and it deals with some hard-hitting themes and morals that aren’t necessarily enjoyable.

So what’s my decision? You can’t ignore a film like Bridemaids because it was ground-breaking, showing girls can be tough around the edges and as vulgar as guys can be. The scene where Maya Rudolph takes a dump in the middle of the street while trying on her wedding gown is a hoot! Oh, and this was also the first time I saw Chris O’Dowd in anything, so that’s another plus. But Rush was able to over-power me with emotion and it was impressive how well-balanced the film was by the way they depicted the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. And as for memorable scenes, I think when the doctors stick that long metal vacuum down Lauda’s throat to clear away the burned lung tissue takes the cake. I still cringe when I think about that scene.

This is a tough choice, but my mind’s been made up.

Winner: Rush


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