The Walking Dead – “Indifference”

Season Four, Episode Four


Grade: B+

Most of The Walking Dead’s best moments, especially early on in the show, have been when the characters were on the road looking for food and materials, or just shelter to survive. For a while we’ve been dealing with well established communities with gates and barricades serving as protection against outside threats, but in “Indifference” we’re back on the road and this is a good thing.

Daryl, Bob, Michonne, and Tyreese continue walking along searching for another vehicle so they can grab some medicine in hopes to cure those sick at the prison. As they stumble across a van covered in vines near an auto-garage, we once again see the madness that has plagued Tyreese. He’s in that purgatory state where he’s become so reckless he seems to almost want to die, but still struggles and fights for his own survival. Michonne reminds him that being that stupid will get himself killed. I really enjoyed the short exchange between Michonne and Tyreese when he questions why she keeps on going out looking for the Governor even though she knows he’s long gone. They both open each others’ eyes that they’re going down a cold road and must put the past behind them to keep moving on.

Speaking about moving forward from lost loved ones, Rick and Carol go on a road trip to gather more food and supplies. During the midst of Carol explaining her actions for killing and burning the infected, they share a deep and sentimental moment talking about Lori and Sophia. Both Rick and Carol have come a long way since the beginning of the series, but as they stare at each other now, they’re both as distant as ever. They stand on different sides of what’s moral versus what’s necessary. What makes this issue so compelling is its controversy and how both sides truly believe they’re right and the other is wrong.

While I understand Carol’s mindset of preventing the virus before it spreads, those kind of actions just cannot exist within the community. That sort of thing might’ve been okay with a smaller group on the road, and if they weren’t anyone’s significant other/family, but that’s where Carol crossed the line. Rick knows it and mostly everyone else will side against Carol if they found out. Even though the world they live in are without laws, inside the community there are rules that must be obeyed to keep on living (and to feel “normal” again). So Rick banishes her from the prison and Carol drives away with enough supplies and food to last. The crushing aspect about Carol leaving is how she left the two girls behind that she’s been watching over. But this is certainly the best way to go.

In Daryl’s group, there is tension with Bob and his alcoholism and we’re reminded why you never want to cross Daryl (because he’ll chest-bump and head-butt you until you submit). This part of the episode feels uneven, mostly because we don’t really know Bob all that well. Sure, he has a problem and he’s guilty for getting Zach killed. But if Bob is to become walker-food I don’t think anyone would really care at this moment. We leave the episode with the group heading back to the prison, hopefully with enough meds to rid of the killer virus.

Last but not least:

  • For those worried about Glen’s well-being, no word from him this episode. I still believe he’ll be fine after all this.
  • Tough to see Carol go. Will Rick replace her on the council?
  • Maybe Tyreese will go out Michonne-style looking to kill Carol once he finds out.
  • I was kind of looking forward for that young couple to join the group… oh well.

2 Responses to The Walking Dead – “Indifference”

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  2. I do not think we are done with Carol. I think she will come back when the Governor does.

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