Homeland – “Still Positive”

Season Three, Episode Six


Grade: B+

With all the silliness that Homeland has been getting into (notably, every single story-line involving Dana), Homeland as a whole is still positive (just like the title!). We get some nice CIA procedure suspense here with Carrie dangling like a pinata right in front of Javadi. She fails the truth test but is able to get the plan rolling once she’s alone with him. Still, having no eyes on Carrie throughout the operation is scary as hell, like how Carrie reacted when Saul casually asked her where she was taken. Would stuff like that really fly in the CIA? Probably not, but we have a very desperate Saul trying to bring the CIA back from the dust (while seeking revenge that we learn later about).

We get a lot of Saul in “Still Positive” and that’s always a good thing for Homeland. His morning conversation with Mira is tough to watch. She tries to calm him down by telling him nothing happened between her and her male-guest from the night before. Alain is just a guy that makes her laugh and feel good throughout the day, but Saul suspects she’s in love with him (which may or may not be true). Either way, what she wants from Saul is to just show any kind of reaction from all of this. “Get mad! Get mad at me!” she pleads, but Saul shrugs it off as if it means nothing to him. It’s something he’s been doing since day one and something everyone in the CIA is used to, but it’s certainly not something that goes over well in a relationship. It’s tough to see Mira and Saul in such a rocky situation.

Javadi ends up driving to his ex-wife’s house and murdering her before Carrie and Quinn bust through. They take Javadi away but leave the baby behind, which hurts Carrie very particularly. Why is that? Because she’s pregnant! Say what? Is this going to be the boiling point to where Homeland goes down the wrong street and gets lost forever? I sure hope not, but I’m not looking forward to exploring that story-line.

Talking about story-lines I hate, Dana gets some sort of goodbye here. After changing her name, she leaves with her friend without giving a heads up to her family. Is this the lack of responsibility she has and the selfishness she possesses? Or maybe just the understanding that her mom would never let her leave unless she simply just leaves. Either way, it’s a tearful scene when Dana says goodbye, but if this is the potential of writing her off the show for an extended period of time, then I’m still doing fist pumps.

So we get the face-to-face moment between Saul and Javadi, and it doesn’t disappoint. Saul hits Javadi down leaving him with a bloody nose as Saul stands over him, showing his dominant position. The episode also did a good job showing why tracking Javadi down means a lot to Saul, in addition to being responsible for the Langely bombing. It’s the Saul show ladies and gentlemen and it’s a breath of fresh air to be removed from Carrie’s madness and Brody’s loyalties for once. With Saul, we get a man who wants to get the job done, one who is under-appreciated within the agency, and one who is conflicted just as much as anyone else. If he leads the rest of the season, I don’t see too many people that should have a problem with that.

Last but not least:

  • Quinn and Carrie on the mission was really fun to watch. Too bad they didn’t get to kick some ass on the way of tracking down Javadi.
  • When does Carrie stop taking pregnancy tests, since she’s apparently taken them 50 times and still isn’t convinced.
  • I wish we got a little more interaction between Nora and Max. Those two could definitely have a few scene stealing moments if they just wrote them in.
  • The arc involving Senator Lockhart and Dar Adal in the CIA is just beginning.

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