Revolution – “Dead Man Walking”

Season Two, Episode Six


Grade: B-

Since the beginning of the second season, we’re shown a different side to most of our main characters. Monroe’s trying to help out, Charlie isn’t as annoying, Miles has a heart and is showing it, Aaron can burn people to death just by getting mad, and Rachel has become the annoying brat of the group. This has all been welcoming since the second season is much better than the first, but in “Dead Man Walking” we hit a slight speed bump.

The mystery is how the Patriots were able to figure out that, A. Monroe is nearby and, B. where exactly to find him. Much of the episode is dedicated to Monroe, his flashbacks and his inevitable future. But this is Revolution and trust me, no one was surprised at the sight of Rachel digging up his body that was just buried. No one. It’s not a hanging or a shooting, it’s death by lethal injection that coincidentally is prepared by Rachel. So what’s her play? She obviously wants Monroe dead, but did Miles’ pep talk change her mind?

Either way, I’m glad that Revolution didn’t kill off Monroe (yet) because he’s become arguably the strongest character in the second season. The episode did a good job reminding us that Monroe is still a bad person, but maybe he’s trying to atone for his mistakes (or maybe he’s just fooling us all!). But now Miles and the gang have an even bigger task to overtake the Patriots with the Texas Rangers as their allies.

The strongest scene of the episode was between Miles and Monroe as they reminisce for a bit before Monroe tells Miles to find his son and look after him. But BAM! Miles drops the bomb that he’s known about his son all along and has been hiding him from Monroe. What a slap to the face! Is this true? And when Monroe comes back from being buried, how’s he going to react to Miles? Either way, I can’t wait to see more M&M intensity.

In the other story-lines, Neville tracked down his son with Secretary Allenford, but Jason’s been re-programed to hate Neville. While this isn’t the better plot of the second season, it’s still engaging enough to keep watching. Neville’s lost everything and will do anything to save his son, but is it too late? Is this going to cost him in the near future? And then there’s Aaron who had a conversation with a reporter in the bar. Yup, a reporter because there are plenty in Texas. Aaron has to find his place on this show soon, and I wouldn’t mind if that means he starts setting more fires.

Last but not least:

  • Seriously, all of the events leading up to (and after) Monroe’s death just made you realize he’s not going to be dead for long.
  • So Dr. Porter is the leak to the Patriots. He’s a good, conflicted character the show should concentrate on more (though I feel he won’t make it to the end of this season). Being between Rachel and Charlie, as the leak to the Patriots, and not liking Miles but understanding Rachel needs him, hell he should have his own story arc!

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