How I Met Your Mother – “No Questions Asked”

Season Nine, Episode Seven


Grade: B-

So last week’s conclusion informed us that Marshall’s road trip buddy Daphne sent Lily a text using Marshall’s phone about him accepting the judgeship, something Marshall hasn’t told her yet and has been dreading the moment he has to tell her. But to no one’s surprise, Lily hasn’t read the text yet. This sets Marshall off to ask everyone he can think of to intercept Lily’s phone and delete that text message so she doesn’t find out. Yeah, it sounds like a typical HIMYM episode.

From its title, Marshall exploits a number of “no questions asked” favors from his friends to delete that text message. What ends up happening is we get Ted, Barney, and Robin in Lily’s room without her phone while she complains to the Farhampton Inn night clerk. What’s the meaning of all this? To finally get Marshall to look back and realize he’s never asked Lily of a “no questions asked” favor because he always tells her everything. Just like that there’s no more hiding from it. Marshall tells Lily the news and she doesn’t take it well, but at least the cat’s finally out of the bag.

The episode is fine on all levels. We get all of the quick cuts, ridiculous situations, friends acting crazy for the length of the episode, which is what we expect HIMYM episodes to do. But throughout I just wanted something more from the gang. Just a little more heart or a little more over-the-top shenanigans, or even a little more from Ted’s future wife (seriously, just a small sliver more of Cristin Milioti will make me a very happy man). But this winds up being a filler episode where the gang accomplishes one small task that presents a bigger conflict in the near future. Yes, now Lily’s pissed and Marshall’s going to worry about that… we’re just passing the baton to story-lines that are the least important involving the gang.

But this is the seventh episode of the season. I’m guessing we’re going to have to deal with plenty of distractions until we get to the finale, though it’s not like this is any different from past HIMYM seasons.

Last but not least:

  • Here are the “no questions asked” favors from the episode: Ted needs help getting out of a mailbox he locked himself inside on 53rd and 8th; Barney needs Marshall to sign his release at the hospital where he ate real versions of Lucky Charms items; Robin needs Marshall to catch her in an alley at 22nd and 2nd while she’s being chased by a group in unitards who refer to her as “Nigh Falcon.”
  • Oh, and Ted brings two dozen cupcakes and a box cutter to meet Lily’s class’ hostage demands.
  • And the ways the friends thought were best to steal Lily’s phone even though the door is unlocked: Ted climbs the drain pipe and opens the window with a coat hanger; Barney climbs the air ducts just like the “bad guy” from Die Hard (Bruce Willis); and Robin sneaks in through room service.

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