The Walking Dead – “Isolation”

Season Four, Episode Three


Grade: B-

One again The Walking Dead deals with the issue of losing a loved one. Yeah, it happens all the time in the world they live and therefore it’s necessary to show it, but at this point I feel the audience is getting as tired of it as Rick and Carl. Even Beth, who claims to never get upset about losing someone, gets emotional when thinking about losing Herschel. But most importantly, Tyreese goes on a mad rampage when at the event that someone murdered Karen, pressuring Rick to find out who did it so he can seek vengeance.

We’ve seen this sort of rage before in earlier seasons of The Walking Dead, but even though Tyreese is a character that we do like as an audience, there hasn’t been that level of closeness accomplished in establishing his character. This results in being at a distance in understanding his rage and sympathizing for him. Last week I was surprised that Tyreese even had a girlfriend, and within that episode she dies. There’s not much time to feel for the couple if that’s what we’re being manipulated to feel. Sure, it sucks, but I’m feeling much worse for Tyreese because Sasha is sick instead of for the loss of Karen.

That being said, it’s a pretty big deal that Glen is also one of those who are affected by this virus. We get some effective emotional scenes with Maggie, especially when she tries to prevent Herschel from serving tea to the sick. I doubt that Glen is going to be written off the show since he’s one-half of the only couple on the series, but this makes for a somewhat engaging story arc.

The big reveal at the end of the episode that immediately cuts to black is when Carol admits to being the one who burned the bodies. Did you buy this? The Walking Dead has struggled in its past for making sense of its characters’ decisions. Is this just another one to add to that list? I get it, Carol is becoming the logical, ruthless one by teaching the children how to hold knives and for putting her own life at risk so there’s water available. She even lectured the young girls who just lost their father to be strong and not weak! But burning the bodies… that’s where I draw the line and say the caring, thoughtful Carol wouldn’t ever do that. So she was trying to stop the spreading of the virus… since that obviously didn’t work you’d think she’d feel somewhat horrible for what she did.

Through a very slow paced episode we do get a scene full of tension as Daryl and his team run into what looked like thousands of walkers on their way to retrieve antibiotics. And there’s that moment when you believed that Tyreese has given up hope and wanted to go out on his own, swinging that hammer until he’s engulfed by walkers. I’m happy to say that doesn’t happen and Tyreese is still very much alive, but for that moment while Daryl, Michonne, and Bob looked on, they just knew he was long gone. So what does this mean for the infected? There’s no way they can travel 50 miles any longer. Unless Herschel’s tea cures instead of delays the inevitable, a lot of characters are in great danger of becoming undead.

Last but not least:

  • The beginning to this third season has been really freaking sad, right? Like a lot of slow scenes full of people crying.
  • Carol seems to really care when Tyreese asks her to check in with Sasha, and when one of the little girls is sick. Would she have burned those bodies as well? Maybe she’ll just take a flamethrower to the entire isolated block.
  • Daryl and Michonne have a moment. Wouldn’t they just make the strangest couple?
  • Carl is back to his overzealous ways with his gun by his side.



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