Revolution – “One Riot, One Ranger”

Season Two, Episode Five


Grade: B+

Miles still wants to start a war with the Patriots, but not until a handful of Texas Rangers gallop into Willoughby did Miles really believe he had a chance at winning. Led by the engaging John Franklin Fry (Jim Beaver), they fit the bill because they, too, are suspicious about these Patriots. But what Miles finds out by talking to Fry is that his commander in chief wants to sign a peace treaty with the Patriots to avoid conflict, unless there is hard proof that these Patriots aren’t who they say they are.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s freaking out about his ability to set people on fire. I loved the interaction between Aaron and Miles, but I didn’t get why Miles was so cold and off-putting when Aaron admits his unique skill. It’s like Miles wants to just imagine it happened randomly or he was just really lucky to have two guys pointing guns at him burst into flames. This is all too much for Aaron to take and we learn through a number of useless flashbacks that this phenomenon happened before. Put that power to good use Aaron! Set the Patriots on fire!

Last week we saw Charlie and Monroe traveling to Willoughby. Well they finally made it. Sometime in-between Charlie finally jumped on board that Monroe can be very useful in stirring things up against the Patriots, but things don’t go smoothly when Miles, and then later on Rachel, see Monroe again. While Rachel still isn’t in agreement with the plan, Miles buys into it (for the time being). It was actually really fun watching Miles and Monroe reminisce a bit and take on several armed Patriots on their own. Poor Charlie doesn’t get their inside intelligence, “You’re just naming cities!”

I must say that the show has accomplished making Monroe a character that audiences want to see every episode. In the first season he was just a lunatic with power, and his story-line with Miles wasn’t as compelling as it should’ve been. Now, we have the whole gang finally back together and they’re fighting together for a larger cause. It’s making some real kick-ass television and I know I’m not the only one thoroughly enjoying Revolution on a weekly basis.

Anyway, at the end Miles’ plan falls through and he’s unable to gather any hard evidence for Fry, which results in Monroe shooting Fry in the back and killing him. Though Miles freaks out at first, Monroe is right here, implying that if they pin Fry’s death on the Patriots, you know a war will occur. Miles isn’t happy (neither is Rachel), but what they want is coming to life.

Oh, and there was the B-story involving Neville traveling with Secretary Allenford who gets ambushed. Neville and Allenford survive the attack, but Neville’s about to abandon her to die until she sheds some light to where Jason is. Looks like we have another odd couple on the road for the next episode or two.

Last but not least:

  • The story of how Aaron and Cynthia meet is cute, but there were too many flashbacks to convey something they could’ve done in much less time.
  • We’ve been waiting for when Miles and Monroe would meet, and that scene did not disappoint. But really, is there an alternative motive for Monroe?
  • Too bad for Fry, because he could’ve made a great cowboy bad-ass in Revolution. There’s nothing wrong adding some Western flair.
  • While Aaron ended up making a good teacher, he sure needs to work on his interview skills.

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