Homeland – “The Yoga Play”

Season Three, Episode Five


Grade: B-

Last week we find out that Carrie being called out by Saul and then staying at the psych ward was all a plan to extract the Magician from wherever he’s been staying. This week we get a closer glance at what kind role Carrie’s playing, and it’s a lot of fun.

Carrie’s being watched by Javadi’s men, plus Quinn who’s just trying to keep her safe. By the way, Quinn’s reaction when Saul tells him about Carrie is priceless. For the most part, Carrie’s half of the episode was real good. She’s obviously still going through all the mental trauma of the psych ward, but she’s also doing her best to prepare herself for when she’s going to be face-to-face with the man they suspect to be in charge with the Langley bombing. She’s distracted though, by Jessica Brody knocking on her door asking her to help find Dana. Did you roll your eyes as well?

While it’s believable that Carrie would go out of her way to help Jessica find her daughter, like Quinn and Saul commented it simply put the mission at such an unnecessary risk. The only good part about this was seeing Virgil and his brother again. What this also meant was that we’d be spending more time with Dana and Leo as they cruised to nowhere. The two teens in love hit a major roadblock when Dana hears about Leo’s suspected homicide of his brother at a gas station. Like typical dramatic Dana style, she blows up on Leo, jumps out of the car at an intersection, and thinks her life has just hit rock bottom. Do I feel bad for Dana? A bit, but not when she’s her whiny, teenage self like she’s been displaying all season.

So with Dana finally reunited with her family at home, Carrie can worry about her own misfortune of possibly tipping off the guys who were tagging her from Javadi. What ends up happening is she’s stripped and searched for wires, then bagged and transported to meat with Javadi. Dramatic, yes… but it makes for good television and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There was also a story-line that involved Saul going geese-hunting only to find out he won’t become the new director of the CIA. Tough one for Saul, but he doesn’t have time to sulk because he’s got some Magician-hunting to do!

Last but not least:

  • Is this the last we’re going to see from Leo? I sure hope so.
  • And once again, Mike is absent from the show. Where does he stand with the whole Brody family? They spend enough time with Dana’s terrible choices and situations, why not just explore Mike and Jessica’s?
  • Quinn’s still bad-ass, but he’s letting his emotions run a lot higher than he showed last season. For one who doesn’t express any emotion on his face, he sure does feel a lot.
  • How terrible was Saul’s speech? Awful.

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