Homeland – “Game On”

Season Three, Episode Four


Grade: B+

For all the frustration that existed in the first three episodes of Homeland, we finally get a pay-off and an end to Carrie’s residency at the psych ward. In the end, it was all a plan to attract the man behind the Langley bombing. Just wow. I didn’t see that coming and that is due to Claire Danes’ convincing performance as a woman under attack and betrayed by her own friends and agency. She is still the center of the series and shows exactly why. We walked in Carrie’s shoes and we’ve felt her pain, but in the end we finally have light on the one relationship that we truly want to see remain intact: Carrie and Saul.

I’ll admit that when Carrie ends up at Saul’s house I had no clue what to expect, but that scene unraveled so quickly until finally they embrace each other with a hug. I was also worried when thinking about the possibility of Carrie being a double-agent, simply because I didn’t like that possibility at all, but kudos to the writers for throwing a twist that I just didn’t see coming. The next step is having Carrie face-to-face with the Magician and then bringing him down. There’s still a lot of fun left in Homeland’s third season.

That was the good of the episode. Unfortunately, Dana’s back and she’s still stirring up more shit than she can handle (and apparently doesn’t even know it). She’s all ga-ga over Leo and helps him escape the containment he’s in. The two drive away smiling like they’ve just robbed a bank, and to continue being slick Leo throws Dana’s phone out the window (to make it difficult to be tracked), and even trades in Jessica’s car for what looks like a piece of junk. Whether it’s the Vice President’s son or this Leo guy, I just cannot understand why Dana is such a main character in Homeland. I’m way more invested in Jessica and Mike’s relationship than the whining, brat child that Dana is. By the way, welcome back Mike! The Blacklist got a full season extension and now he’s back as Mike Faber, Jessica’s “friend.” Diego Klattenhoff is doing quite well for himself.

If this wasn’t enough, we find out from some research on Mike’s part, that Leo possibly killed his brother and that’s why he was in the suicide prevention facility. Sure, it’s a minor twist and we’re supposed to feel like Dana’s in trouble, but at this point I doubt that many people care. The audience for Homeland isn’t interested in a teenage romance between an alleged terrorist’s daughter and a possible teenage murderer. That sounds like an episode of Revenge. And the most important question about this part of the episode is: what the hell does Brody and his family still have to do with what’s going on with the rest of the plot? I seriously have no idea.


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