Revolution – “Patriot Games”

Season Two, Episode Four


Grade: B

There’s something very different going on in the second season that is a great upgrade from the first. Not that the first season was terrible, but it wasn’t exactly focused and it didn’t break out of its comfort zone, even when they tried to spring some twists into the plot. Here in the second season, we’ve been experiencing plenty of good character story-lines, a larger perspective of how the world after the blackout/after the nukes is affecting everyone, and a fearlessness to incorporate strange fantasy occurrences.

After the Patriots wipe out Titus’ group last episode, we get to see a Patriot community who are celebrating Halloween for the children. Rachel wakes up from her wounds and immediately keeps her guards up at every smiling face she encounters. Miles, Aaron, and Rachel talk in private about their suspicion of the Patriots, especially because it was the exact word Randall used after sending off the nukes. Miles decides to leave the community and scope everything out.

Charlie finds herself in a predicament when a group of guys drug her in a bar. She fends off a few of them but when the drugs kick in she’s helpless, until Monroe saves the day! While the duo of Charlie and Monroe still have some work to do (because I doubt Charlie will ever stop trying to murder him), they make for an interesting odd-couple of the show, sort of like Jaime and Brienne of Game of Thrones. Just like Rachel, Miles, and Aaron, Monroe is very concerned about the Patriots and knows he needs Charlie to get back to them. For as awful Monroe was in the first season, he’s really become a favorite of mine. Plus he’s a lot more bad-ass than they showed from the first season, which always helps.

In Neville’s plot to overthrow the Patriots, he takes advantage when he finds out that Cook, one of the Patriots’ officers that doesn’t trust Neville for one second, is a drug addict. With this leverage, Neville is able to receive a promotion while getting rid of Cook as he transfers out of the camp. But Neville still doesn’t know where his son is and I’m sure that’s going to be his immediate story-line for the next few episodes.

We do find out how evil the Patriots really are as they kill innocent residents who try to escape the community, passing it off as murders from local dangerous tribes the Patriots are trying to protect them from. When Miles is help up at gun-point from two Patriots, Aaron shows off his cool new skills by hovering over Miles through those bright fireflies, and then lighting the Patriots on fire! I have no idea how they’re going to explain this, or even where they’re going with this, but it was pretty damn cool!

The final not-so surprising plot element of the episode was how Rachel’s friend, Ken, was a Patriot the entire time and wants to silence her from the secrets she’s letting out about them. But Rachel’s way too hardcore for that to happen as she slips through the handcuffs, stabs Ken, and buries him in the basement. She’ll have some time to devise a plan since Ken was going to kill Rachel without being advised by anyone to do so, but I’m sure the Patriots will be on her ass within an episode or two.

Anyway, I really like the direction where Revolution is going. While it might lose some viewers for thinking outside of the box, I feel it’s the best for the future of this series. It’s a great feeling when you’re actually looking forward to next week’s episode rather than watching something hoping it’ll get better (but continue to watch it because you’ve devoted so much time to it). Join the Resistance!

Last but not least:

  • The cuts between the scenes when Rachel and Neville simultaneously clean up their dilemmas was one of Revolution’s better editing jobs yet.
  • Not sure how easy it actually is to pick locks, but all of these characters sure are handy at doing so.
  • It’s not necessary for the show to continue to show us flashbacks as to why the eye of providence represents the Patriots.
  • While I’m excited for when Monroe and Charlie meet up with Rachel, Miles, and Aaron, I hope we get at least another few episodes of Charlie and Monroe and their awkward road trip together.

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