The Walking Dead – “30 Days Without An Accident”

Season Four, Episode One


Grade: B

After Rick and company were able to drive the Governor out of Woodbury, all the residents there are now residing at the prison. They seem to have a good thing going there. The kids are hanging out with each other and enjoying story-time with Carol (which is really a lesson on how to defend yourself from walkers). Everyone WANTS to chip in and pull their weight with chores such as killing walkers outside the fences, going on a run to retrieve necessities, checking the traps or hunting for food, etc. Even Michonne comes back with a handful of comic books for Carl.

While the season four premiere was light on plot, it’s important to establish how everything is working since the last season. There are two story-lines in the episode. The first one surrounds Rick as he encounters a crazy lady who brings him back to her camp to meet her husband, both who want to join the residency at the prison. With shots of spiderwebs and ants ambushing a larger bug, it was obvious that Rick was walking into a trap. Fortunately for him, he’s holding his gun (thanks to the council) and is prepared when the crazy lady leaps at him with a knife.

This half of the story tried to do what The Walking Dead is able to do from time to time, invite questions to those involved during the chaos and glum world that these characters live in. Her husband was no longer living, yet she still wanted to feed him to keep him alive. She can’t bare to live like this any longer and stabs herself to join him in his walker state. We’ve seen plenty of people go crazy as we traveled alongside Rick, this one isn’t any easier or harder to take in. All it does is remind us that even when you’re living, you’re dying in the zombie infested Earth.

The other story-line is much more satisfying to the audience. It involves a small group including Daryl, Glen, Tyrese, Michonne, and two newcomers going on a run to retrieve materials from the nearby store. The result is about two dozen zombies falling through the weakened roof of the building, right in the middle of where the gang is collecting items. While it looked like Bob was going to be zombie food, it ends up being the kid who didn’t get a goodbye from Beth (and who couldn’t guess Daryl’s previous employment before the turn) who doesn’t return back to the prison. But Beth doesn’t cry anymore, and it’s also a reason why she doesn’t say goodbye. Also, Daryl’s tired of losing people. Both show off their sad faces.

So the premiere was an enjoyable hour, but how is this season going to differentiate (and improve on) previous seasons? Well, the final scene might be enough to keep you intrigued for the time being. Patrick seemed to be experiencing flu-like symptoms when he drops dead in the shower. Is it the same thing that killed the pig? Is this some kind of virus breaking out inside the prison? That’ll create quite a ruckus.

Last but not least:


  • The three questions Rick asks before allowing you into the prison: How many walkers have you killed; How many people have you killed; and Why?
  • Daryl is still a bad-ass and Carol still loves him, but it’s fun to see Daryl squirm uncomfortably at the other folk complimenting him.
  • Maggie isn’t preggers! Glen is really freaking happy, but I doubt this stops the love-making for the time being.
  • So Bob’s a recovering alcoholic or something? I would’ve taken the wine bottle… and a case of Terrapin Rye Pale Ale.
  • They’re still searching for the Governor, so it’s not completely outrageous to believe we’ll see him again somewhere down the line.

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