The Mindy Project – “Magic Morgan”

Season Two, Episode Five


Grade: D

Mindy and Casey break-up and what’s more appropriate than following that up with a break-up episode? Ugh, there are plenty of problems here. First, I never liked Casey (and I don’t think I’m the only one). Casey never felt more than a side character anyway, and even then he was more annoying that anything else. So when finally Mindy and Casey call it quits, it was one of the happier moments I’ve felt while watching this sitcom. Finally, Mindy can move on and we can all have more laughs when her and Danny interact! Yay!

Unfortunately, Mindy’s heart-broken and spends the beginning of the episode crying. That brings us to problem number two: A break-up episode is usually not very funny. This is supposed to be a comedy but because of all the downer moments with Mindy crying and then Mindy being a complete ass to Morgan, there were hardly any laughs. Sure, the frequent mention of Mindy’s FatSteps was funny, but honestly I find Mindy the least comical of all the characters on the show.

Now let’s bring up Morgan, who plays a major role in this episode because his name is in the title. He just went through a break-up as well, though no one seems to care. Morgan stops by Mindy’s place so they can mourn together, but drunken Mindy believes in the idea that whoever sleeps with Morgan will find their perfect match and get married soon after. This all makes for good comedy, but the tones change quickly when Mindy’s drunkenness wears off and she kicks Morgan out of her house. He then sues Mindy for sexual harassment and Mindy has two choices: to pay $200,000 or to go out on a date with Morgan.

As the lead character on her own show, Mindy should really be a lot less of a jerk than she is here. She fights everyone about the decision to go on a date with Morgan (really? she’d rather pay $200,000 than go out on a date with your co-worker whom she hired?), and on top of that, she’s a total ass on the date. This brings up another reason why this episode doesn’t work. If we’re supposed to feel bad for Mindy because of her recent break-up, don’t be a complete douche. We can’t sympathize with a character who’s acting like a complete bitch.

Predictably, in the end Morgan shows Mindy a good time and all is good again. I have to mention that Adam Pally is a nice addition to the show thus far and I hope he stays on the show permanently (which I’m skeptical about because of all the quick exits on this series). Also, seeing Glenn Howerton as the lawyer who Mindy hates was fun too. But what happened to all the supporting characters from last season? Does Mindy no longer speak to her friends? Does she no longer bump into Brendan?


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