New Girl – “The Captain”

Season Three, Episode Four


Grade: B+

I had my doubts because of where we left off last week. Schmidt’s world came crashing down on him when Cece and Elizabeth broke it off with him, but instead of doing anything logical, he put all the blame on Nick and Jess (which to be fair, it was their fault on how the secret came out, but I guess that’s beyond the point). But “The Captain” was a necessary episode to have Schmidt finally understand what he did wrong. At the same time (thanks to Schmidt), it allowed Jess and Nick to address one of their biggest obstacles in their relationship: communication.

After constant love making between the new couple, Schmidt puts his plan into play by pressuring Nick into his insecurities, which makes me unable to perform during his next sexual situation. When Nick runs away rather than talk to Jess about it, Schmidt swoops in and tells Jess about a sexual act that Nick loves to perform, “The Captain.” Yes, this is all ridiculous but the dynamic of the characters is back. Schmidt’s being a scheming douche, Nick is making weird faces when he’s uncomfortable and Jess is being gullible. All is right once again in New Girl world!

Except it backfires on Schmidt. Despite the brief argument, all of this finally forces Nick to express his feelings out loud and Jess loves it. Because of all the shenanigans, Nick and Jess are a closer couple than ever, and Schmidt is still single and alone. Even after Schmidt leaves a note for Cece, she’s already moved on and on another date. This does present the obvious question: If Schmidt is heartbroken over Cece more than Elizabeth, then why didn’t he just choose Cece to begin with?

Anyway, there is a C-plot that involves Winston trying to get his cat laid. Yeah, nothing important, just a typical Winston story-line. What’s worth noting is at the end, Nick is embracing his newly found openness that Jess basically tells him to shut up. Will this continue? And if it does, can this become the thread that puts Nick and Jess into serious jeopardy?

Last but not least:


  • It was good to finally see the roommates in an episode that takes place in the loft once again.
  • Is that all we’re going to see of Hannah Simone every week? Because I am NOT okay with that!
  • Zooey is in a bathrobe practically the entire episode. Awesome.
  • How long with the Winston/Ferguson story arc run? Please kill it soon (the plot, not the cat).

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