Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “The Asset”

Season One, Episode Three


Grade: B

Three episodes in and we more or less have the same structure. Something alerts S.H.I.E.L.D. and they rush over to save the day, with the help from the team and no superheroes because frankly it’s not really that dangerous yet. This week it’s something called Gravitonium, some element that can alter and control gravity, as shown in the opening scene where a billiards ball amount of it flipped an 18-wheeler. Pretty powerful stuff, eh?

We continue with the only possible romance plot (since Fitz and Simmonds seem, well, unable to concentrate on anything that isn’t science related) between Skye and Agent Ward, which is just so awkward because of their complete lack of chemistry. While I continue to enjoy Chloe Bennet’s light and fun touch on the hacktivist, Brett Dalton just seems too stiff as Ward. I know he’s supposed to be that macho super-agent type, but when he opens up and tells Skye he was beaten by his brother, the only reaction that got was me rolling my eyes.

Anyway, so Dr. Hall is kidnapped by the charismatic Ian Quinn, who has set up his lab in Malta and is completely protected from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s interference, that is unless they can get someone on the inside to disable their invisible force-field. Who else but Skye to the rescue! What the show continues to do well is put Skye right there in the front line while never being sure to where her allegiance stands, and being likeable all at the same time! She’s in contact with Rising Tide and then informs Quinn that S.H.I.E.L.D. is in her ear, but this was all according to plan to lower the force-field for Ward and Coulson to crash the party. I want to be able to trust Skye, but being unsure about her just makes the show better.

Eventually, we find out that it was Dr. Hall’s plan all along to work with the 12-foot structure containing a crap-load of Gravitonium so that he can implode it. But that would mean the death of many innocent people and Coulson is not okay with that. In total bad-ass mode, Coulson shoots the class he stands on and drops Dr. Hall into the Gravitonium, neutralizing it. Who needs superheroes with that sort of action?! Agent Coulson rules!

I’m no expert on Marvel comics, but apparently this should someday lead to the villain Graviton. Meanwhile, after everyone returns in one piece, Ming-Na finally comments to Coulson that she wants back on the field and in action. Another episode complete and another dangerous situation resolved.

Last but not least:


  • Fitz and Simmonds are still chatty, but to my surprise they haven’t over-stayed their welcome yet. The show is smart to keep them in small doses.
  • Another comment about Coulson dying in the Avengers film. I wonder when they’ll explain that.
  • Why didn’t Quinn just shoot Skye in the face when he had the chance? I guess because he’s a nice guy.

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