New Girl – “Double Date”

Season Three, Episode Three


Grade: B-

New Girl started its third season off with two big story-lines: Nick and Jess are going to commit themselves to each other in a serious relationship, and Schmidt isn’t able to choose between Cece and Elizabeth. Now the third episode in, these story-lines are still intact and still driving the show, at least until the end of the episode.

Strangely enough, Winston has a lot of screen time in “Double Date” though his is always the least valuable. While Nick and Jess still don’t know of Schmidt’s shenanigans, Jess invites Schmidt and Cece on a double date. Schmidt starts acting weird and Winston invites himself on their double date as long as he can get a reservation at a very popular restaurant. That’s the last I’m going to mention Winston’s plot-line because it’s just utterly ridiculous (and not in a good way).

Finally, Schmidt tells Nick of his dilemma and naturally, Nick freaks out knowing that he’ll blurt out the secret. Which brings up the obvious question as to, why are Schmidt and Nick best friends? Just because they’ve known each other since college? Nick can’t keep a secret, barely can afford to pay his rent, and never can help Schmidt out when he’s going through a crisis; and on the other hand Schmidt gives Nick terrible advice and is usually too selfish to worry about Nick’s problems. Sure, it makes for good comedy but rarely do these two show why they’re best friends.

Anyway, towards the end of the episode Schmidt finally reveals to Cece that he’s been cheating on her and has been seeing Elizabeth at the same time. It was a very serious moment for New Girl’s standards, but to me it accomplished a lot. But for story-telling purposes, I’m a bit skeptical as to where New Girl is heading towards. Schmidt swears he’ll break up Jess and Nick since he blames them responsible for losing Cece and Elizabeth. How is this all going to work? And is Winston ever going to get a serious story arc?

Last but not least:

  • I’m still baffled at the Schmidt/Nick best friendship. As to sitcom best friends, they don’t even come close to matching up with Joey/Chandler, or even Ted/Marshall/Barney. Not even close!
  • It’ll be a shame if this all means we’ll see less of Hannah Simone. By the way, I wonder how her model roommates are doing.
  • Even Winston and Ferguson seem to have a better connection than Schmidt and Nick! Okay, I’m done.

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