Homeland – “Tin Man is Down”

Season Three, Episode One


Grade: B-

We begin season three of Homeland 58 days after the explosion at the CIA headquarters that killed over 200 people. Naturally, the nation is cautious and Congress is investigating the truth on exactly what happened. It makes sense to question Carrie. We know the truth that Carrie and Brody have a history, were both fooling around when the bomb went off, and we know that Carrie helped Brody disappear. But no one else can know about it, or else Carrie’s in trouble. So she bites her lip and lets her lawyer do the talking for her. At this point of the game, I’m not exactly sure where Homeland is headed. Yes, Carrie is off her meds again and there is someone inside leaking information to the media. But do I really care? Will she get kicked off the CIA again? Put into jail? Run away to Canada to find Brody? Do we really want to follow Carrie on another out-of-control spiral?

Meanwhile Saul is doing his best to keep everything in control as Acting Director of the CIA. He gives the green light to a mission to bring down six men who helped plan the bombing to finally put the CIA in a better light. Meanwhile, Quinn is doing his best James Bond impression by breaking into a house and assassinating his target with ease. But it all comes back to how Carrie can (and should) be blamed for the terrorist act at Langley. At the end, Saul makes public of Carrie’s bi-polar disorder, further throwing Carrie under the bus but possibly giving her a way out of harm’s way. Like always, Claire Danes gives a great performance and displays a truly suffering Carrie while she watches it all unfold.

For the record, there was no Brody in the episode and I really liked that. But we still dealt with Brody’s family, especially Dana coming back from the facility after she attempted to commit suicide. Without Nick around and with all the allegations still swirling, the Brody family story-line is most likely going to be very slow, with plenty of arguments between Jess and Dana, along with reporters not too far behind. I’ve never been a big fan of the Brody family’s story, especially Dana, but Homeland is sticking with them. It’s a decent drama showing how the family of an accused terrorist is dealing with life, but there are more important things to be shown. The only good part is when Mike interacts with the family, which unfortunately wasn’t in this episode.

So where does Homeland go from here? How long until we see where Brody is? What levels of crazy can Carrie reach in season three? It’s hard not to feel for Saul, who is pushed in a very difficult situation of rebuilding the CIA. So far, he’s not one for making tough decisions whether they’re at the office or at home. Also, how much influence is Dar to Saul? While the season three premiere wasn’t the suspenseful hour that we’ve grown used to, I don’t mind if it slows down for a bit to establish the new story. But sooner or later, we’re all going to expect things to be cranked up.


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