Under the Dome – “Outbreak”

Season One, Episode Four


Grade: B-

There is a dome around Chester’s Mill and that’s a pretty big deal if you’re stuck inside of it. Yet the residents of the small town of Maine seem very calm, even after there has been a number of deaths and a fire that almost burnt down everyone’s home. But hey, at least Joe finally realized that his sister has been missing. So what else could go wrong?

In “Outbreak,” meningitis spreads within the community and they face a crisis: Not enough staff at the hospital, a very contagious situation and far too little antibiotics. In typical Under the Dome formula, everyone freaks out, someone dies, but in the end the crisis is resolved. But there are a few things we learn from the episode. For one, Alice is a psychiatrist but has some medical experience and practically becomes the head doctor of the hospital. Also, Julia confronts Barbie about her husband and after following his tracks all the way to the cabin where Barbie shot Peter, Barbie ends up saving Julia’s life. He tells her that her husband owed a lot of money to a bookie and it was his job to collect from him, but he told her that Peter skipped out of town. She’s still pissed and kicks him out of her house, though shouldn’t she be more pissed at Peter (since she still assumes he’s alive)?

Big Jim and Junior play a big part in this episode since they were immune to the meningitis outbreak. Big Jim thinks quick to obtain the medicine from Rev. Lester and Junior was able to quiet down a riot at the hospital. Because of his heroic act, Junior is given a badge from Deputy Linda. Alexander Koch has the ability to make his character as mysterious as possible. We know Junior is suffering from some kind of mental disturbance, yet he has signs of being entirely humane and caring. But that smirk he gives after knowing he’s getting a badge is just scary.

Staying with Junior, poor Angie tries to stab her way out of the bunker but she’s not match for a borderline psychopath who’s twice her size. In an attempt to escape she busts open a water pipe and almost drowns herself, until Big Jim discovers her. Is he going to save her? Is he going to keep her down there to protect his and Junior’s authority in town and become one hell of a father-son hostage duo? That sounds like a lot of fun, actually.

As for the mysterious dome, we don’t get anymore answers than we already knew, and I have a feeling that’s the way it’s going to be for a while. The military finally leaves the dome site and Chester’s Mill sort of freaks out, but a few words from Big Jim and everyone’s calm again. Joe and Norrie have another seizure after they touch and mutter about pink stars aligning, and again that’s nothing new. The most interesting part of the show for me is the relationship between Rev. Lester and Big Jim and their dirty deal they had going with the propane tanks. Rev. Lester hands over a sack of money and tells Big Jim that he’s out and wants to clean himself of everything they did. If this isn’t somehow related to the dome, I’ll be very disappointed.


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