Under the Dome – “The Fire”

Season One, Episode Two


Grade: B-

We pick up right where we left off after the pilot episode when Duke’s pacemaker explodes. He is in fact dead and because of his death there’s a sense of panic that overwhelms the town (not like an invisible dome wasn’t already a reason to freak out). But it does lay out an issue that one would imagine be problematic: who’s in charge? While Big Jim seems to have a lot of power in town, Sheriff Duke was the man everyone looked to in a time of crisis. Now what? Would you want to look to your councilman, or another officer?

We also get more insight to what happened with Barbie and Peter Shumway that led to Barbie burying his body in the woods. Apparently Peter owed a lot of money to something that Barbie works for and he was there to collect. Peter pulls a gun on Barbie and the rest is history, though it seemed like kind of an accident when Peter is shot. Barbie is still playing the protagonist/hero role, which allows me to easily dismiss when there are questions that surround him. Hell, I can only assume that Peter was the bad guy in the scenario and Barbie was just doing his job.

As for the other characters, Junior is still creepy and Angie is still tied up in the bomb shelter. Big Jim and Rev. Lester Coggins are in cahoots with whatever the propane tanks are about. Duke leaves Linda everything including his house, but that’s exactly where Rev. Lester goes to destroy the documents regarding the propane tanks. Disregarding everything you learned about fires, he lights the documents on fire, throw it in a plastic waste can and slides it next to the curtains, causing the house to set on fire. Nice going dumbass.

But this issue presents a danger that is heightened because of the damn dome. All the firefighters are outside the dome, plus the smoke is being trapped inside. With the help from Barbie and Big Jim, plus the entire town, they put out the fire successfully. That’s some pretty quick thinking. Still, Junior has it out for Barbie because Angie tried to rile him up that they were screwing.

I don’t really get the point of Junior yet. He’s blaming the dome for Angie’s changing actions, but obviously the dome has affected him. Though we really only see one scene with him before the dome hits, he already seemed very emotionally unstable. The only important part I can see about him right now is that he’s Big Jim’s son, that and how he’s out to kill Barbie. But aside from that, he’s just a big wild card inside Chester’s Mill.

While I did enjoy the episode, it’s sort of passing by as a show that we’re just supposed to expect everything that is happening would happen. And that’s not the case, but for TV purposes it’s necessary. There’s a freaking dome around your town, the sheriff dies, it’s not from the military and there’s a fire that is about to spread. Piece of cake for Chester’s Mill and for the most part everyone remains calm. I’m just not buying it all.


2 Responses to Under the Dome – “The Fire”

  1. Jean says:

    I’m really hoping the show will redeem itself in the next episode. Some things are starting to get a bit hokey.

  2. More about Barbie

    I found intersting things about Barbie

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