Movie Review: Epic

Epic (2013)
102 minutes
Directed by Chris Wedge


Grade: B-

There are plenty of jabs at the title of this animated-adventure, simply because it’s anything but epic. While epic it is not, it’s still great family fun (more for the kiddies than adults) and quite beautifully illustrated. I just wish that the story wasn’t so by-the-books and cliche.

M.K.’s mother has recently passed and she’s off to live with her bumbling scientist father, who is in search of a secret world of little people who live somewhere in the forest. The teenager has a tough time adapting to the loss and her father’s crazy research that consumes almost all of his time. But as she leaves a note telling her father she’s leaving for good, she becomes an important part in keeping the little people and the forest alive.

There is a battle between the Leafmen, who protect the forest, and the Boggans, who want to see it rot. After the death of Queen Tara, the future of the forest lies within a small pod that she hands to M.K., which also shrinks her down. She then embarks on an adventure to ensure the safety of the pod while Mandrake and the Boggans try to destroy the forest.

The film is full of action and includes great scenery from the forest. The 3-D adds the extra dimension to the picture and doesn’t take away from the brightness of the animation. But it’s just all of the same kiddie story that we’re used to without much risk or stand-out scenes. It’s predictable and there isn’t enough heart to be fully satisfied at the end of the adventure, but at least it’s a lot of fun.


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