Fantasy Box Office

Movie BS has this awesome game where they pick movies during the summer blockbuster season and see who can pick the movies that will gross the most money at the end of the season. So three friends and I decided to compete against each other in almost the exact same fashion. We had a snake draft and picked 11 movies each that will be released during the summer movie season, and the goal is to have the most money grossed from the movies we pick. It’s our fantasy box office challenge!

We picked all of our movies prior to May and here are the current standings:

1. Dan – $547,776,160
2. Rob – $332,846,948
3. Chris – $206,434,478
4. Mike – $199.866,194

Dan had the first pick of the draft and his number one pick has been paying off, as Iron Man 3 will likely be the highest grossing film of the year.

So far I’m in second place as Fast & Furious 6 has been a stud. But After Earth bombed and might cost me down the line. I’m hoping that Man of Steel (the #2 pick of the draft) has an enormous box office showing.

Chris had back-to-back surprise hits in Now You See Me and The Purge. But so far he has the most films from his roster that have been released and is still over $200 million behind the leader.

Meanwhile, Mike only has one film on his roster that has been released, but Star Trek (the #3 pick of the draft) has been everything predicted.


A view of the spreadsheet keeping up with all the box office totals from our rosters.


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