Nashville – “Why Don’t You Love Me”

Season One, Episode Nineteen


Grade: B-

I haven’t written about Nashville in a while, mainly because my Wednesday nights are pretty hectic and by the time I get home I crash pretty hard. But last night I set aside all the live sports to catch “Why Don’t You Love Me,” an episode that continues to explore relationships of old and new. Most recently, the biggest event on the show has been Deacon and Rayna hooking up. It’s something that we’ve all been waiting for and now it finally happened. So now what?

Deacon and Rayna have a very complicated past, but have remained in each other’s lives through it all somehow. Now after sleeping each other once again, the question they must ask is what this all means? Despite the advice given from Coleman (calling her a drug more than a friend), Deacon is simply head over heels for Rayna and decides to break things up with Stacy. It was hard to see Stacy go like this because she really was the right fit for Deacon. He was willing to settle down for her and start a new life. But ditching her for Rayna is just trying to spark up his past life full of chaos and trust issues.

Meanwhile, Rayna is playing things a bit smarter, though to Deacon’s perspective she’s shying away from him once again. Call me cynical but I cannot see this working out. Though they’re in different stages of their lives from where they were years ago, there’s just too much damage between them. Deacon states this in the limo, but is able to sweet-talk Rayna to stay another night. But I’m sure they’re far from being a couple than what Deacon thinks.

As for Gunnar and Scarlett, the once heart and soul of Nashville has become distant and cold, as if they were on the verge of splitting up. Gunnar’s motivations and actions are very confusing and contradicts the character that he was during the first half of the season (hell, look at Avery’s transformation), and therefore their story-line is suffering. It just doesn’t make sense how Gunnar would so quickly turn down a chance to redeem himself and play with Scarlett on Rayna’s record label. For what reason? And during this episode, he chooses to record a single over going to the CMA party with Scarlett. Again, it just doesn’t add up to the Gunnar we all loved.

Finally, we get to poor Juliet Barnes who just had her boyfriend skip out on her with half a million dollars. But to Juliet, money isn’t an issue. The way the show is focusing in on her spending sprees will foreshadow a serious money problem in the near future. But right now, she’s excited because she’s nominated for a CMA award for Best Female Vocalist. Unfortunately, she drinks and drinks her unhappiness away at the party, which results in Deacon quitting the band, Avery stepping up playing guitar and then wisely leaving her after she kisses him. Hayden Panettiere showed off some chops in this episode, but her character is going down a dangerous road.

So what’s left? Teddy has a great scene with Maddy at the father-daughter dance, Coleman resigns as deputy mayor, and Gunnar still hasn’t told Scarlett (or anyone) about Will kissing him. Speaking of, I can’t help but notice the huge swing in personalities for Avery and Gunnar. It’s like they completely switched positions as boyfriend/jerk and single/gentleman. Or maybe Scarlett is just some kind of musician black hole and she’s stealing their powers from everyone to reign at the top of Nashville. Frankly, that probably wouldn’t even be the craziest story-line in this melodrama.


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