Game of Thrones – “Kissed By Fire”

Season Three, Episode Five


Grade: A

Was this the most emotionally charged episode from Game of Thrones yet? I think so. It’s not too often we got to really feel for many of these characters who are off either fighting wars, training dragons, or manipulating kings and lords. But in “Kissed By Fire” there is a lot to sympathize for that will warm your heart with something other than Hot Pie giving Arya a bread wolf.

First and foremost, the action-packed opening scene between Beric and the Hound during their trial by combat to see if the Hound is guilty of murder through the Lord of Light. You know, because it’s always way cooler to have a fight to the death than a trial with a judge and a jury… duh! The Hound wins the battle by almost slicing Beric’s body in two, but Thoros and the Lord of Light somehow brings Beric back to life. My jaw dropped as low as the Hound’s and Arya’s, but apparently this was the sixth time Beric has been brought back to life.

This brought us to our first sentimental encounter. Arya converses with Thoros and Beric about the death of her father for the first time that we’ve seen and it’s exactly what we could expect from a young girl. She would do anything for her father to come back and ever since the event she’s been on the run, which is why she’s heart-broken when Gendry tells her he’s going to stay with the Brotherhood Without Banners. He relays to her that he’s never had family and the Brotherhood could be like family to him. When Arya cries that she could be his family, a piece of my heart was ripped from my chest. Poor girl, searching for her purpose in a world ruled by greedy men as she clings to anyone who’s nice to her because she’s been away from her family for so long. It’s impossible not to root for Arya.

Meanwhile at Dragonstone, we meet Stannis’ wife and daughter. Yes, he has a daughter and she’s quite adorable, but has been caged up like Rapunzel because of some facial scarring. Stannis seems to care for her as much as he’s able to show, but when she asks about her friend Davos, Stannis reveals that he’s a traitor and is locked up in the dungeon. But when his daughter visits Davos in his cell, there’s a real connection between the two. Davos is gentle and kind towards the girl and she repays his generosity by teaching him to read so he has something to fill the time. It’s a great “aww” moment in a show that seriously lacks any.

Then there was a hot tub scene between Jon Snow and Ygritte, like we didn’t know they were going to hook up eventually. Snow proves that he’s really not a part of the Wall anymore by breaking his oath, but this wasn’t all that interesting. Believe it or not, there was an even more compelling hot tub scene between Jaime and Brienne. Jaime reveals his side of the story for becoming the “kingslayer” and it’s a doozy. The Mad King planned to set a town on fire with his obsession with wild fire, but Jaime got in his way because he couldn’t see the merit to killing innocent men, women and children. So he killed the Mad King when Ned Stark appeared. Boy, GoT sure knows how to turn our opinion around at the flick of a light switch, don’t they?

Meanwhile, Lord Karstark loses his head at the hands of Robb because he slayed the two Lannister boys out of mad vengeance. But in doing so, Robb has lost a portion of his army who backed Karstark, but has a new plan to meet with Walder Frey for assistance. Yes, this is the Walder Frey that Robb was supposed to marry his daughter. Slowly, Robb is losing his grip on the throne because of his decaying army.

As one army is getting weaker, one is getting stronger. Daenerys meets the appointed leader of the Unsullied named “Grey Worm” and advises that everyone pick their own name that they can be proud of. She seems to be doing everything right so far, first freeing the Unsullied and now respecting them. They’ll surely fight for their new leader stronger than ever, but will it be enough to take King’s Landing?

Speaking of, the episode ends with Tywin giving orders to his children. First, Tyrion is to marry Sansa so the key to the North stays within the Lannisters. As we know, the Tyrells were planning to set up Sansa with Loras to give the key to the North to the Tyrells. At the same time, Tywin orders Cersei to marry Loras, which she deeply speaks out against, but as we know, Tywin will get his way out of his children. It was quite a twist at the end of the episode, but one done with words rather than a sword. Oh what a complex world Game of Thrones is!

Overall, this was a fantastic episode and I know I said this already, but I was surprised at how sentimental it got. From Arya, to Jaime, to Stannis’ daughter, there was plenty of moments where we actually felt for the characters. There are always greater parts of telling this gigantic story that sometimes the human element can be lost, but it’s good to see that GoT can even do sappy on a high level. Is there anything this show can’t do?


3 Responses to Game of Thrones – “Kissed By Fire”

  1. Man that was a really good episode, I can’t wait to see what happens next. I love the Games of Thrones. What is your favorite episode?

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