Game of Thrones – “And Now His Watch Has Ended”

Season Three, Episode Four


Grade: A-

The episode begins with Varys who speaks with Tyrion while slowly opening up a crate. We learn of his castration and there is a sense of anger that Varys hides very well. When he finally opens up to the contents of the crate, we see the sorcerer who tortured him in the past, in very bad shape. This is a great beginning to an episode that focuses on revenge.

Tyrion wants proof that he was ordered to be killed during the Blackwater battle. As Varys gives him the backstory, I wonder if these two are still allies or if Varys is somehow threatening Tyrion. Whatever the case, we learn later on that Varys is undermining Littlefinger and his eye to possibly marry Sansa. After his talk with Olenna, Margaery offers her brother’s hand and safety in Highgarden. Protecting Sansa from Littlefinger makes sense for the Tyrells and all they’re looking for is ultimate power. So Varys gets his way again. Varys is just like Tyrion and Littlefinger in the way that they use information for power. But the tricky part as a viewer is determining whether or not to trust them.

But to more exciting events during the episode, Daenerys actually speaks the slaver’s language, which surprises everyone. You knew exactly what would happen after. The slave army is hers and her dragon torched the slave master. She now has her impressive 8,000 army along with her dragons and two bodyguards. I would not want to mess around with her, but everything just seems to be happening too easily for Daenerys. Maybe it’s just a stroke of luck after all the unfortunate events she’s been through. But now it looks as though she finally has a very strong grip to fight for the Iron Throne.

While this wasn’t entirely surprising, what really shocked me was the uprising that led to the death of Craster and Lord Cammander Jeor Mormont. You could sense how the Night’s Watch despised Craster and his daughter-wives, so it was just in time that he’d bite the dust. But I’m legitimately baffled by Jeor’s death. The Night’s Watch was unraveling, but I thought their oath would hold strong through the toughest of times. Now Sam is on the run with Gilly and her baby. I’m not sure how long they can last since Sam has been a big ol’ coward for the whole series, but I’m sure there are plenty who are rooting for them.

Then there are the two characters who we’ve hated for the past dozen episodes, but have been sympathizing with their situation recently. Theon was rescued and set free last episode, and when they caught up with him, his savior shot them down with arrows. Here, Theon confesses how big of a mistake he’s made when he betrayed Robb and took Winterfell. It was heart-felt, but he’s beyond forgiveness at this point, which is why I laughed out loud when his savior returned him right where he was being tortured. Theon seems to be damned for good now.

As for Jaime, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him and the way he was being treated this episode, after losing his right hand. It also helps that Brienne has simultaneously found respect for the Kingslayer. During their doomed attempt to fight off all the men, it shows they have strong hearts and will, but they’re going to need some outside help to get out of this jam. The best was when Brienne confronts Jaime for helping her, informing the viewers that there aren’t any sapphires on Sapphire Island. Jaime is losing hope but Brienne is determined to grind it out with him until the end. These two make quite the great odd couple on screen.

What else did I leave out? Brann has a dream where he’s climbing a tree to capture that three-eyed crow, but his mom screams at him. Then there’s Arya who’s traveling with the Brotherhood Without Banners. We see their leader and it’s Beric Dondarrion (not quite sure who he is). The Hound is accused of murder and even Arya steps in and chimes in, but eventually Beric states the Hound will have a trial by combat with him. Beric vs. the Hound… not sure if that’s too wise for Beric but I’m hoping we see the dual soon.

What a fantastic episode it was. When you live in the world of Game of Thrones, you must expect revenge plays a huge part. Daenerys knows what it’s like to be sold and be a slave. She’s had the greatest change from season one until now and her progress is impressive. Tyrion seeks revenge at whoever wanted him dead as Varys displays to him that being patient is revenge’s greatest asset. And Theon and Jaime are finally getting what they deserve. But will the battle be brought back to King’s Landing? I’m not exactly sure where everyone is headed, but I can’t wait to find out.


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