Game of Thrones – “Walk of Punishment”

Season Three, Episode Three


Grade: B+

It’s strange how an episode or two can really change your feelings about a character in Game of Thrones. Not that I really expect to ever like or side with Joffrey, but Jaime is one of those characters who seemed like a complete villain, and he still is on almost every account other than what happened this episode between him and Brienne. Oddly, the two have created some kind of loose bond with each other from all the time spent traveling. They might not like each other specifically, but there is some kind of comradery between Jamie and Brienne. Respect? Possibly. Just two bad-ass fighters who have no problem killing anyone in their way? I’d stick around with that.

As both of them are captured by Locke’s men, Jaime warns Brienne of her fate, suggesting if he were a lady he’d rather make them kill him instead of going through what was coming. But before anything could happen Jaime persuaded Locke out of mistreating her, reminding him that she’s from the wealthy Lord Tarth and he would pay him handsomely for her return. Locke spares Brienne, but Jaime doesn’t get away unscathed. Locked mutters, “You’re nothing without your daddy, and your daddy ain’t here” and chops off Jaime’s right hand.

Whoa! Just when Jaime does the first good deed in possibly his entire life, he loses his hand! That was quite a shocker and yes, it was brutal to see his cut off hand lying on the stump as he screams, both in pain and anguish. But it was just shocking too, mainly because nothing really surprising has happened in quite some time. Now I have to go through the other story-lines of the episode.

We return to Daenerys and while she is being advised by Jorah and now Barristan, she’s still as hasty as ever. As a payment to purchase the whole Unsullied army of 8,000 soldiers, she will give them one of her dragons. Obviously Jorah and Barristan advise her this is a terrible idea, but Daenerys is impatient. The good news is that she also takes Missandei, the translator, and there is hope that she will learn from Missandei and unleash her dragons to kill everyone and steal the army! Mwahaha… dragons are awesome.

Meanwhile there is a sweet departure scene between Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie as Hot Pie decides to stay as a baker’s apprentice while the rest leaves. He bakes Arya a bread wolf. Isn’t that just the biggest “Aww” moment in Game of Thrones history! Also, Tywin is still at the head and appointed Tyrion as the master of coin, Littlefinger’s old position. Not sure what Tyrion will be able to find out with this responsibility, but as Littlefinger put it, with the access of money comes a lot more money. Expect Tyrion to invest in some very interesting deals in the near future.

There’s also the scene when Theon is released, but then tracked down by the men who had him captured. When all seemed doomed for Theon, the men are shot down and rescued by the experienced archer who untied him in the first place. Will Theon be accepted once he returns back home? I can’t imagine he would be, but then again I don’t really care whatever happens to Theon at this point.

While a lot of characters had their directions and paths altered during the last episode, this one displayed a new path for plenty. Arya and Gendry, along with the Hound, leave the inn of the Brotherhood Without Banners; Tyrion received a new position; Jon Snow is headed towards the Wall; Daenerys is prepping for war with the purchase of the slave army; and Jaime is now without his strong hand. That’s what I love about this show, because as it slowly moves from episode to episode, it’s always in motion. The chess pieces are strategically tip-toeing around the board until someone strikes. But who will be the next to strike?


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