The Mindy Project – “Santa Fe”

Season One, Episode Twenty One


Grade: B-

The Mindy Project has been on quite a skid the past few weeks, but “Santa Fe” isn’t all that bad. For one, the show keeps moving its story forward and has Mindy still dating Casey, seemingly happy at the moment. But of course Mindy will find a way to mess up happiness because that’s who she is. It also retains its silliness in the opening scenes when Mindy over-packs for a two-day conference and struggles to throw her carry-on in the overhead compartment as Danny watches her with a “I told you so” stare. The show is clearly at its best when Mindy and Danny interact with each other.

Mindy has a dilemma. Her ex-boyfriend Josh, you know that cheating bastard sports agent, asked her to visit him while she’s on her trip in Santa Fe. She’s cold with him on the phone but her curiosity gets the best of her. With Casey’s blessing, she intends to see Josh to try and obtain closure over their break-up, but Danny thinks it’s a bad idea. Because she drank a mimosa at breakfast, Danny drives her to the address where they find out Josh is at a rehab facility. While this all seems incredibly forced, I really enjoyed Josh as a character and it was good to see him back again.

Josh has been in rehab for cocaine and he apologizes to Mindy for mistreating her while they were dating. Mindy sort of gets the closure she needed, but the only important part from all of this is when Josh comments that he’s not surprised that her and Danny are dating. This catches Mindy off guard, but the truth of the matter is that in the beginning of the season Mindy and Danny definitely had some tension/chemistry that you would expect from the two leads of a sitcom. All of that got pushed to the side as Mindy bounced around guys and Danny tried his hand at relationships after his marriage, but the tension was still lingering. Thanks to Josh, the idea is now front and center. That a boy, Josh!

Meanwhile, Dr. Reed and Morgan have a completely useless B-plot where Dr. Reed disrespects Morgan in front of other doctor colleagues when Morgan was really looking forward to spending time with him. It’s your typical buddy story-line that contains little conflict and winds up being resolved at the end. Their scene when Dr. Reed delivers his speech is supposed to funny, but it wasn’t. This is all just a distraction from the main development of Mindy and Danny.

Finally, The Mindy Project is honing in on a story arc that involves its major characters. This is something that I’ve been complaining about through the second half of the season, but as the show inches closer to the season finale, it looks like it’s headed towards a positive direction. Maybe after they explore the whole Mindy/Danny situation, they can concentrate on keep its characters consistent. Is that too much to ask?


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