New Girl – “Bachelorette Party”

Season Two, Episode Twenty Two


Grade: B

We get a break from the whole Jess/Nick story-line this week and concentrate on one character who seemed like she was becoming a main character, but because she’s not a roommate her character doesn’t interact with the others all that often so she got pushed back to a supporting role: Cece. She’s getting married to Shivrang in three weeks, which surprises everyone including Jess. She decides to throw her a surprise bachelorette party. Schmidt, on the other hand, focuses his frustration on the fact that he didn’t receive a plus-one on his invite and goes out to prove to Cece that he could be in a serious relationship.

Back to Cece, I’m not exactly sure how her story is going to play out but for some reason I cannot imagine her getting married to Shivrang. He’s a nice guy and all and he’s probably the right guy to have Cece settle down, but I don’t know I just can’t see it happening. She just doesn’t strike me as a character who would obey her cultural tradition for an arranged marriage. And it’s clear that there’s still lingering feelings between Cece and Schmidt. I’m not saying they’re going to end up together, but it’s still possible. I didn’t think Robin and Barney would wind up together on HIMYM, but it happened. Why the comparison? Because Schmidt said, “Challenge accepted!”

At the apartment, Jess tries to throw Cece the bachelorette party that she always wanted, but when Cece brings Shivrang’s aunt along with her, the party turns G-rated. That means no strippers, no dirty games, and no hilarious photo presentation. Eventually the truth comes out. Jess calls Cece out on how fast she’s moving to get married while Cece admits that it’s bothering her how she’s never seen her fiance naked. I’m curious as to why Cece never brought up the whole reason why she freaked out in the first place, because her time is limited to have babies.

It’s also great how Cece calls out Jess on her insecurities on her situation with Nick. I made a few points in my last post about how the whole Jess/Nick thing works and doesn’t work at the same time. Cece is just reminding us why it’s not working. But this brings us to Nick, who with Winston have “kidnapped” Shivrang, except Winston is taking a tad too serious. It’s nice to see Winston act foolish and silly for once, something that Schmidt started and Nick has been continuing. Winston entering Shivrang’s car with a bat and grabbing his neck was great. Later on, Winston throws a match in the garbage pail ruining Nick’s pretend “Fire!” warning. That was probably the funniest moment of the episode.

But as for substance, there was little between Nick, Winston, and Shivrang. Nick’s using the “dead dad” pass whenever he can and Winston’s acting completely out of character. Their story-line was a great opportunity to give Shivrang some much-needed depth, but instead he just happily buys them drinks. Jess wants to give Cece what she wants and asks Nick to get a picture of Shivrang’s manhood. While it does create ridiculous and often funny
situations, it just hits as shallow and meaningless.

Surprisingly, the depth of the episode lies within Schmidt. As he contacts his ex-girlfriends and one night stands, he finally confronts Elizabeth, his long-term girlfriend back when he was fat, or as she called it his “big guy” phase. Props to Schmidt for being completely honest with her saying he just wanted her to be his date to make another girl jealous. But Elizabeth hits a nerve in Schmidt that no one really has before. She tells him that she loved the “big guy” he used to be, but when he lost all the weight he became cruel and selfish. It’s something to think about since all we’ve ever seen was the douchey-Schmidt, obsessed with his appearance and not understand with women.

Will this change Schmidt for good? Probably not, but he does sincerely wish Cece well and admits he’s glad she’s happy with Shivrang. And then he goes back to Elizabeth with three pizzas to apologize. It’s a sweet gesture, but I don’t think Schmidt will be completely changed after this. Or maybe he will and then we would have lost one hilarious character. With only a few episodes left of the second season, will there be a Jess/Nick cliffhanger? Will they give dating a shot in the season finale? That’s really all they’ve been concentrating on for the past handful of episodes, so let’s get to it!


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