Game of Thrones – “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

Season Three, Episode Two


Grade: B+

We keep on moving forward in Game of Thrones, though little has happened action-wise. But everything is changing and the real question that surrounds every scene has been, Who can you trust? Beginning with Bran, who is still on the run with Osha, Hodor and Rickon, we meet two new characters in Jojen and Meera. They’ve been searching for Bran for quite some time now, but they don’t seem to be very threatening. Apparently Jojen and Meera’s father was an old friend of Ned’s, but how much can you really trust them? The good thing is that we get more insight about Bran’s dreams. Jojen has similar powers as well, and we understand these are the ways of “wargs,” people who can see through the eyes of animals. Pretty cool, huh?

We don’t get to see much of Jon Snow, but his brief scene is the reason we know what wargs are. One of my favorite moments of the episode was when Lady Stark tells Talisa about her inability to love Jon Snow. It’s a touching moment and displays Lady Stark’s torment for everything that has happened to her family. She feels she’s being cursed for her wronged feelings. She’s a distraught mother desperately trying to reunite her family together. Whether that includes Jon Snow or not, it’ll be a while for that moment to occur again.

Another group who are on the run include Arya with Gendry and Hot Pie. They run into Thoros who leads the Brotherhood without Banners. They’re a tough and edgy group, but don’t seem like they’re going to harm Arya (even when she challenges Thoros to a duel). All was going well until the Brotherhood brings in the captive Hound, who immediately recognizes Arya and rats her out. What are they going to do with a Stark girl?

I enjoyed how prior to meeting Thoros, Gendry and Hot Pie were questioning Arya to why she didn’t use her three names on more important people like Joffrey or Tywin. This question certainly surrounded everyone’s minds last season, but Arya doesn’t give a response. To her credit, she used her smarts to free them, but like her traveling companions stated, she could’ve possibly ended the war. Silly Arya.

Meanwhile, Jaime and Brienne are still on their road trip where they tangle up in some entertaining conversation. Brienne is a beast, no doubt, but she is one heck of a loyal knight. And Jaime is a scoundrel who has no loyalty to anyone that isn’t himself. These opposites make for some classic “odd couple” scenes, that is until Jaime cuts himself free and they engage in a duel where Brienne dominates. To be fair, Jaime’s living conditions haven’t been the greatest so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. But their duel gets cut short when Noah Taylor and his men confront them on the bridge. It doesn’t look like Jaime and Brienne are making it to King’s Landing after all (should’ve swam through the river!).

Finally, Sansa is in a predicament. She no longer has to directly deal with the madness of Joffrey, but she still stays. She believes Littlefinger when he told her he’ll get her out of there, but Shae admits she doesn’t trust him. What is poor Sansa to do? She has a meeting with Margaery and her grandmother Olenna, who asks her about Joffrey. It takes a lot of arm-twisting until Sansa admits that Joffrey is a monster, and I’m still terrified that she’s going to regret her words. Margaery isn’t to be trusted because it’s clear she’ll do anything just to become the Queen. And wasn’t Olenna’s reaction to Joffrey being a monster a bit odd? “Oh, that’s a pity.” What are these Tyrell women up to?

We also see a small bit of Theon being tortured by… who the hell knows. They question why he invaded Winterfell and aren’t satisfied by his response. But it looks like Theon’s going to survive after all. I can’t wait to see how his father reacts to his actions once he returns.

While it’s a bit overwhelming to deal with even more characters that we haven’t seen before, the story of Game of Thrones is still as engaging as ever. Three groups of major characters have all had their traveling halted. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up. Also, there was no Daenerys this episode. I wonder if she has her army and dragons ready for battle yet.


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