The Mindy Project – “My Cool Christian Boyfriend”

Season One, Episode Nineteen


Grade: C-

Mindy has as many flaws as Hannah from Girls, except The Mindy Project is on Fox and has very little room to deeply explore these flaws. Every misstep Mindy takes is a one-dimensional story-line that results in cliches and tidy endings. Take this episode for instance, Mindy meets Casey, a Lutheran minister, on the subway and the two go out for dinner. Casey seems perfect and Mindy doesn’t want to volunteer with the rest of her office at a women’s prison. Because of her selfishness, Casey doesn’t want to see Mindy any longer.

She cannot believe that she has just been dumped by Casey and in order to feel better about herself, she agrees to volunteer at the women’s prison. But her over-kindness gets a woman in trouble at the prison and a riot breaks out. Poor Mindy, but she gets her way at the end when Casey apologizes and wants to go out on another date. I can see Casey being the most serious boyfriend to Mindy since Josh as the first season comes to an end. But Mindy wasn’t the only problem in this episode.

While Morgan and Danny had a few good one-liners, their characters felt off throughout. As the crew were visiting the women’s prison, Morgan was like an over-protective parent warning the doctors of the horrors that exist in prison. But none of his tactics to scare the doctors worked and even after the riot, he’s simply not respected enough to be taken seriously. However, I did like how he made a point that the prison is his field and he’s the doctor and they’re just a bunch of nurses who should follow his lead. Good point, but it didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Danny is a devoted Catholic and his disdain towards Casey’s way of running things was pretty funny. Especially when Casey had the church chanting, “I hate God!” But Danny, along with Jeremy, were underused in the episode, which is never to my liking.

The Mindy Project is still going through an identity crisis and for everyone’s sake I hope they discover it sooner than later. The show has a rather strong ensemble, but doesn’t utilize its strength often enough. Mindy’s hodge-podge of potential boyfriends is too messy and random to grasp onto emotionally. This is arguably the show’s greatest failure as it constantly references romantic comedies like You’ve Got Mail. For there to be a rom-com, you need Mindy to stay in a relationship longer than three episodes.


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