The Walking Dead – “Welcome to the Tombs”

Season Three, Episode Sixteen


Grade: B-

The episode starts off with the Governor beating up Milton for finally getting his hands dirty and setting fire to his zombie pits. He tells Milton to kill Andrea, who is still tied up. With one last desperation, Milton lunges at the Governor, but he fails. The Governor drives a knife in Milton’s stomach and locks him in the room with Andrea with a smirk on his face. Though Milton didn’t kill Andrea, when Milton dies and turns, he’s going to kill Andrea. The Governor is one twisted bastard!

We were all ready for a huge showdown between the Governor vs. Rick. Woodbury vs. the Prison. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it. The Governor and three car loads invaded the prison, but were out-smarted and driven away just as quickly as they knocked down the fences to get in. As the Governor ordered his people to stop, they pleaded that they weren’t soldiers and to just leave the mad man at the prison alone. The Governor showed them a whole new level of “mad” by slaughtering them. The look on Martinez’ face explained it all.

Then he drives away. The end? I can’t imagine this being the last we see of the Governor, but as for as season finales go, that was it. There was no showdown. No dramatic death to the villain. He just drives away from the area, doesn’t return to Woodbury, and we don’t hear from him. This is a strange decision to make since the entire season was leading up to this showdown, but I guess they wanted to focus in on the one major death: Andrea.

Though she hasn’t been anyone’s favorite character since the second season, she certainly has a memorable death in the finale. When I say memorable, I mean that she totally deserved to die because how freaking long does it take for someone to pliers their way out of handcuffs? I probably missed half of the episode because I was in such disbelief that Andrea would just stop her attempt to breaking out of her handcuffs to have a conversation with a dying Milton! What the hell was wrong with her?! Sure, I get that after all of the back-and-forth this season, she was the one that tried to bring peace between the two groups, and it’s ironic that she’s the one who ends up dying instead of the Governor or Rick, but come on! Don’t make her death so incredibly stupid. I seriously can’t even feel bad that she died because she did it to herself. Once the pliers were in her hand, it took her about a minute to break free. One freaking minute!

Phew. Sorry, I just had to let that out. It’s good that Tyreese is still around because he’s practically the voice of reason alongside Hershel. Tyreese hasn’t done anything wrong/bad yet and when he does it’s going to break my heart. But for now, he’s certainly made a big impact on a very hard and tough group. With Tyreese in the mix, there will definitely be more balance.

Speaking of hard and tough, how about the way Carl gunned down that kid? But he has a point when he told Rick that everyone that he didn’t kill ended up hurting someone in the group. Rick would be morally conflicted but to Carl, it’s black and white. Don’t trust anybody. In the land of zombies, that’s really not a bad mindset to have, but I guarantee it’s going to be a problem with Rick, Hershel, and the rest of the prison.

At the end of the finale, Rick brings back a busload of citizens of Woodbury to stay with them at the prison. Why? I have no idea. Is there even enough room at the prison for everyone? Why didn’t they just move into Woobdury? Woodbury was better protected, closed up to walkers, and had more room for everyone to live comfortably. The prison still has walkers roaming the halls, is protected by flimsy fences, and from the past season we only saw a few cells that were clean enough to live in. Interesting move, Rick.

So the death count ended with Merle, Andrea, Milton, and a lot of people from Woodbury. With that the group gained a dozen or so more including Tyreese and Sasha. I wonder what our group of survivors are going to be up to come season four. For now, we just have to keep one eye open because the Governor is still out there, somewhere.


4 Responses to The Walking Dead – “Welcome to the Tombs”

  1. I was also dumbfounded at Rick’s choice electing to go back to the prison instead of staying in Woodbury. And how do they plan on feeding those people?
    Also, notice how when Andrea got one hand free with the pliers, instead of stabbing Milton in the head with said free hand with said pliers, she goes to work on freeing her other hand? What the Hell? After getting one hand free, she should have focused on killing Milton (again), and THEN freeing herself.
    It was also very weird for Mishonne to show emotion like that. Never expected it from her.

    • Rob says:

      Agreed. This whole season was just messy with character motivations. I can’t think of any character this year where I didn’t comment, “That doesn’t make any sense,” when he/she was doing something. Hopefully the fourth season will be stronger now that the Governor is gone (for now?).

      • I suppose we’ll see. It took them two seasons to bring Merle back. And thanks to the Governor’s own madness, he’s now severely outnumbered.

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