Game of Thrones – “Valar Dohaeris”

Season Three, Episode One


Grade: B+

I’m happy Sam didn’t get diced and chewed up by the walkers, though he still annoys me much. A lot happened during the season premiere of the third season, but there wasn’t a lot of action. Starting with Jon Snow, he’s able to prove his allegiance to the camp of Mance Rayder and for now, seem to be right where he wants to be. I suspect grand things in the near future for everyone’s favorite bastard. Oh, and did you feel that heat between Snow and Ygritte?

In King’s Landing, everyone is still trying to find their place with Tywin sort of running the show. This means that our favorite half-man, Tyrion, is practically out of any power he used to have. There’s a very revealing conversation between Tywin and Tyrion that displays the father’s lack of affection towards his son, who he blames for killing his wife. There seems like there’s nothing for Tyrion in King’s Landing anymore, but he still feels like he belongs there, and therefore he’s staying put.

Also, we see a side to Margery that we’re not used to seeing around in King’s Landing. A woman who goes out of her way to help a local orphanage and makes promises that things will be better for them. While Joffrey looked on with confusion, Margery makes the attempt to win the public over. Even though Cersei warns her about her safety (which she’s right), Margery has a different approach to being Queen other than taking orders from Cersei. And that brings us to a blazing question with the Lannisters: Where does Cersei fit into all of this? She can’t control Joffrey, Jamie is captured and likely will never come home, and Tywin has taken control with an iron fist. Looks like all she has left is to continue threatening Tyrion. Not to forget about Sansa, she has a talk with Littlefinger who says he might be able to get her out of King’s Landing and back to her family. Do I believe him? No, I don’t.

Meanwhile, we find out that Davos is alive from the battle of Blackwater. He begs his pirate buddy to bring him back to Dragonstone to try and talk some sense into Stannis, who has been under the influence of Melisandre. When he does return, he’s not greeted with much kindness from Stannis. Davos attempts to attack Melisandre and is thrown into a cell for his treason. I like Stannis, but he’s drinking the Melinsandre Kool-Aid and it seems like his chance to take the throne is all but a memory now, unless he can conjure up an army of shadow demons. Hmm…

Finally, Daenerys is hungry to become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms but she’s impatient. She doesn’t want to wait for her dragons to fully grow. She wants an army NOW. I could almost see her face turning into a blueberry. I loathe Daenerys when she’s whiny, but then I just remember she’s the mother of dragons and dragons are freaking awesome! She visits an army she’s interested in purchasing and they’re an impressive group. The slave army of 8,000 is offered and they will no doubt be a threatening force, along with her dragons. What shall the khaleesi do? Oh, at at the end we see Barristan Selmy again, joining Daenerys. I think I’m putting my money on the dragons to rule quite soon.


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