TV Blur (3/24-3/29)

I’ve been sick the past week so I wasn’t able to write any new posts on the TV shows I watch. So here are several briefs and comments in the past week of television.

The Walking Dead – “This Sorrowful Life”


Grade: B-

Merle gets shot in the chest by the Governor and then is knifed in the head by Daryl. It was a tough episode for Merle, but I can’t say that I didn’t see his death coming. Another non-shocker was when Rick changes his decision to give Michonne to the Governor, but it’s too late because Merle already captured her and is on his way to deliver her. We get a heart-to-heart between two supporting characters, sort of feel for Merle, which is obviously the kiss of death in The Walking Dead. At least her went out in a blaze of glory by taking down several people at Woodbury.

Merle, like all of the supporting characters in The Walking Dead, has his own story and one that is worth telling. But the show hasn’t concentrated anything besides Rick, the Governor, and Andrea the entire season. I understand The Walking Dead is under a lot of pressure keeping its record-breaking ratings alive and displaying constant zombie-killing is essential, but it’s hurting the potential of the show that is post-Shane. Since his death, we haven’t spent much time at all with anyone besides the leads. Take a page from Game of Thrones, Mad Men, or Boardwalk Empire and develop the characters.

How I Met Your Mother – “The Time Travelers”


Grade: A-

During the latter seasons of HIMYM, Ted has taken a back-seat to the other characters on the show. Marshall and Lily have a baby and have to deal with parenthood, and Barney and Robin are engaged and have to deal with their preparations. But Ted is still the main character, hence the title. So I do appreciate it when they decide to spend some time focused on Ted and his quest to find his wife instead of Lily working for the Captain, or Barney adding a new page to the Playbook. And that’s exactly what this episode gave us.

After plenty of gimmicks where Present Ted and Present Barney talk with 20 Years Later Ted and Barney, plus other future versions of people, the somber message was how Ted was lonely while his friends are all coupled off. But then he reveals that in 45 days, he’s going to meet his wife. These are the sort of hints and foreshadowing that made HIMYM so much fun to watch. Now there’s an actual short time-frame to when Ted will meet his wife. Fans rejoice!

Revolution – “The Stand”


Grade: B+

Revolution returns for their second half of the first season with a bang! We left off with Monroe now having the power to run helicopters, so that’s bad news for practically everyone, especially the Resistance. Now that Rachel is with the gang, it’s growing more evident how she’s the most important person in this black-out world, and also enemy number 1 to Miles and now Randall. Why? Probably because she has the answers to all the questions.

The amplified helicopters are finally shot down by Danny firing a missile launcher, but not without the copters taking out Danny before crashing to the ground. All of the first half dealt with Charlie searching and rescuing her brother. All of that for nothing! I applaud Revolution for this death, just like how Ben and Maggie bit the dust early in the season. Revolution seemingly has no problem killing off characters, something major network series shy away from doing. But this all happened for a reason. Rachel cuts out a small chip-like pill apparently containing power. What the hell is that and what can it do?!

The Following – “Guilt”


Grade: B-

My favorite part about this show is the story between Ryan and Claire. They’re the only two characters I really care about because how can you really care about any of the murderers? Emma is annoying, Jacob is now a badass for suffocating Paul, and Joe Carroll is just waiting for his wife to return. Who cares? But Ryan/Claire actually makes for some good TV. We get to see them this episode but we haven’t seen it enough so far and I’m afraid we’re not going to see them together for a while.

After Ryan desperately tries to keep Claire safe, she eventually leaves with Joe’s lackeys to see her son. Yeah I get it, she’s not thinking and all she really wants is to see her son again, but she’s entering a house of crazies at at the helm is her psychopathic husband. Yeah, real good choice, Claire. Oh and one last note, The Following does such a poor job at using flashbacks. Please just stop.

New Girl – “Chicago”


Grade: B-

Sitcoms have it tough when they have an episode around someone’s death. It has to be done. Recently, How I Met Your Mother had one and now New Girl. New Girl takes the much lighter approach, but with little essence. Nick’s father dies and we meet Nick’s insane family. None of it is very funny. I laughed the hardest at Schmidt’s fear of open caskets.

What the episode did was display Jess to Nick’s family and show how she was able to diffuse their craziness and even fit in. After everything, Nick’s mom approved of Jess and she points out that it’s nice to have someone like her look after Nick. We’re just getting closer and closer to when Nick and Jess start dating.

The Mindy Project – “Danny’s Friend”


Grade: C-

It’s Stevie. Oh, I was just answering the question that the title suggests in, Who is Danny’s Friend? This was a very uneven episode of The Mindy Project. While Mindy, Morgan, and Jeremy are trying to play detective figuring out why Danny’s been prescribing drugs off the books, Mindy has a run in with Heather who wants an available apartment in Mindy’s complex.

I’m excited that this show was renewed, but I really feel that The Mindy Project has to find its focus, and quickly. Like all the romantic comedies Mindy loves, the show’s strongest aspect is when it comments on relationships and friendships. Why not have that as its main concentration? I don’t know, but the show spends far too much time elsewhere. It needs to develop a story arc and keep with it.

Smash – “The Bells & Whistles”


Grade: B

In the episode prior, Smash really stepped on the acceleration pedal and launched us to its current situation. There are two musicals we’re watching: Bombshell and Hit List. While it’s good to see different productions work out in different stages, the problem with this is that I doubt anyone enjoys both musicals equally. For me, Hit List is far more intriguing than Bombshell. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s new and fresh, compared to Bombshell which we spent all last season on, but probably also because it’s the underdog compared to Bombshell. All the broken pieces fell off of Bombshell and landed in Jimmy’s Hit List.

Sure, Jimmy and Derek bickering all episode was annoying, and Tom trying to befriend his cast was an obvious disaster. But they’re both trying, which says a lot more about Derek than Tom. Just one last comment, I really wish Smash just stopped covering songs Glee style because that’s when it’s at its worst.

Nashville – “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts


Grade: B-

Juliette continues to be difficult as she ignores her label and throws an impromptu concert, which results in disaster. Maddie lies to her mom and dad and gets injured at the show. Meanwhile, Gunnar angrily mourns his brother’s death and skips out on showcasing him and Scarlett’s talent to Rayna’s potential record label. And Avery quits his current gig. Just a typical episode of Nashville!

First off, I could care less about Avery but this episode made you feel more for him other than that selfish prick who was wrong for Scarlett and dumped everyone just to be discovered. He seems to understand the mistake he made and is trying to stick with the only thing he knows: his music. Scarlett is offered a contract to Rayna’s label, but without Gunnar. If the show is going to split them up musically, I might stop watching because their music is the strongest aspect of the show, emotionally. And finally, who would’ve thought Juliette giving Deacon a puppy would’ve landed him a girlfriend?


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