Girls – “Together”

Season Two, Episode Ten


Grade: B-

The second season of Girls has come to an end and it has left me feeling… uneven. I guess that’s the best way to sum up the sophomore season because there were a lot of good things throughout, a lot of great things, but also some bad. The season finale was good, but it just didn’t live up to the great episodes of the past season.

My main problem with the episode was that it felt rushed. It was the ending of another chapter and all of the characters’ stories had to end (sort of) to mark the conclusion of the season. Marnie and Charlie get back together, Shoshanna and Ray break up, and Hannah and Adam are reunited. It’s very mainstream in my opinion, which is something that Girls has done a fantastic job at staying away from. So what’s the deal?

More specifically, the Marnie/Charlie story-line just didn’t seem genuine. So just because Charlie is successful and rich, now she finds him attractive? I don’t believe that she still loves him from how poorly she treated him in the first season, unless she realizes how crappy her life became after they broke up. And has Charlie been hung up over Marnie all this time? We don’t know much about his character and every time he’s on screen, Marnie’s not far behind. All of these things just made this story-line very shallow and one-dimensional.

But enough of the bad, there were things that “Together” did very well. Throughout the season, Hannah faded in and out as the central character on Girls and in the finale, she certainly regained her status as the main story. Her OCD is very real and is distracting her from the rest of her life. She’s unable to write the pages to her book and is threatened to be sued of she doesn’t deliver. In the best scene of the episode, Hannah calls Jessa and leaves an emotional message, screaming at her for leaving her and blaming her for being alone when she needs someone to talk to.

Well ain’t karma a bitch? Hannah has been pushing away everyone from her life since the first episode and now it’s finally biting her in the ass. She’s selfish and lives in her own world, which she’s realizing is a tough one without the company of her friends and family. I’m still torn over the last scene when Adam runs to Hannah’s side by kicking down her apartment door and holding her in his arms. Hannah is manipulative, we all know that, but how sincere was her call to Adam? Or was he simply the last person she tried to contact? Either way, she got what she wanted, which is the attention of another wounded (ex)friend.

So Girls has made its way back to square one, with Charlie/Marnie and Adam/Hannah together, also with Jessa who knows where (but she’ll likely return), and Shoshanna and Ray single. But did they really have to cram everything into the finale? What was the purpose of that? Maybe there’s something bigger coming in season three, or at least I hope so. For now, I’ll just go one Facetime and run shirtless through the city.


2 Responses to Girls – “Together”

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