The Walking Dead – “Prey”

Season Three, Episode Fourteen


Grade: B+

A whole lot hasn’t happened in the past few episodes of The Walking Dead. While I loved “Clear” because of how it gave us some character depth and how Lennie James provided us with a decent actor on the screen for an hour, it was a stand-alone episode that didn’t move the plot along at all. And during “Arrow on the Doorpost,” there was some intense staring going on between the Governor and Rick, but after an hour all we had was an offer on the table for Michonne’s head while the Governor plans to wipe out everyone from the prison. There was atleast some plot, but it was more like pedaling on a stationary bike than actually going anywhere.

In “Prey,” we take baby steps towards what we know is going to happen, but it’s still a very solid hour of television. This is due to its strong focus on the Woodbury half of the war. Though I hate to say it, Andrea was the central character of the episode and really carried it along. She has this moment when she realizes that she’s on the wrong side of this fight after Milton reveals the Governor’s intention and how he wants Michonne dead. How many people have tried to tell Andrea that the Governor isn’t who she thinks he is? Probably everyone, but she finally realizes it herself and she just hopes it’s not too late.

Milton is in the same boat too. Sure, he’s been beside the Governor before there was Woodbury, but he finally understands that the Governor’s intentions have turned for the worse. But unlike Andrea, he’s not exactly willing to switch sides and turn on him just yet, which is why he prevents Andrea from assassinating the Governor up in the vents. But he does strongly disagree with the Governor’s plan and shows that by torching the zombie pits that the Governor planned to use against Rick. It’s nice to see Milton get his hands dirty, but it’s most likely going to cost him by the end of this season, you know, since the Governor has gone completely psychotic.

In the smaller story-line, Tyreese and Sasha run into Andrea when she jumps the walls. Before she leaves, she warns them that the Governor is crazy and they should get out of Woodbury asap. The problem here is that we know practically nothing about Tyreese and Sasha. They are extremely likeable and seem like genuinely good people, but aren’t those attributes to characters who die on The Walking Dead? They get shook up when they see the zombie pits, but in the end they’re persuaded by the savvy Governor that they’re with the good guys. I’m still interested in what happens to those two, but I wouldn’t be sad if they bite the dust soon.

But back to Andrea and her great escape. She ducks through an abandoned warehouse from the whistling Governor and just as she’s approaching the prison gates, the Governor pops out of nowhere and throws her to the ground. This is the only snippet that we see of Rick and the prison gang. Even though Andrea is arguably my least favorite character on the show, she started showing some promise as a woman who wanted to amend for her mistakes by alerting her friends of the Governor’s plan. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen as it’s revealed she’s shackled up. Poor Andrea.

Overall, it was great to see a Woodbury episode just before they go to war. We’ll definitely see more of the main group next episode as they figure out what to do with Michonne and how to prepare themselves for the fight. But the fact is that Woodbury is falling apart. Andrea turned her back to the Governor, Milton is next on that list and Tyreese has expressed his doubts in the cause. Oh, and the Governor is just a crazy lunatic now, instead of being that charismatic creep. It took a while to fully understand the Governor, but all he is now is on a one way street to war with Rick. And let’s face it, are we really expecting the Governor to walk away victorious?


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