Movie Review: Project X

Project X (2012)
88 minutes
Rated – R
Directed by Nima Nourizadeh
Starring: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown


Grade: C-

Movies about high school are full of cliches: nerds, jocks, partying, sex, college, alcohol, etc. Project X has them all and it doesn’t even try to hide it with any sort of moral or message that could benefit any teenager who watches. It’s an all out, rage fest of a film; unapologetic of its insulting and crude material and ignorant to its own stupidity.

But it’s kind of fun.

High school senior Thomas is persuaded by his friends to throw a party for his 17th birthday since his parents are going to be away. One thing leads to another and a thousand kids end up showing up to the party. Debauchery ensues and events during the party turn ridiculous such as a midget being thrown into an oven, a car being driven into the in-ground pool, and a lawn gnome containing dozens of ecstasy pills is broken.

This is your teenage fantasy film about a bunch of nobody’s fulfilling their ultimate dream of becoming popular after throwing the most epic party of the year. At first, you feel bad for Thomas because he really is a good kid, conflicted with peer pressure from his friends and craving to fit in at school. But all of these feelings soon diminish after he constantly makes bad decisions, snowballing the party into an absolute riot. Once again, this is a fantasy film for all those normal teenagers to get high off of.

Putting all the negative qualities of the movie aside, and there are a lot, what bugs me the most about Project X is how shallow the film actually is. At least attempt at any kind of positive message, or some characters that we can relate to or even have an emotional attachment to. But there’s none of that during Project X. It’s simply an enormous party and as the audience, we’re in the corner with our red solo cup just watching everything unfold without a care in the world.

Though I’m sure that this movie cares equally as little as we do.


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