Help Kickstart the Veronica Mars Movie!


There are TV-shows that I love, and then there are TV-shows that I LOVE! Veronica Mars is one of those television shows that I constantly find myself revisiting, and also the show that I can rekindle my celebrity crush for Kristen Bell. Putting that aside, from 2004-2007 Veronica Mars lasted three seasons but created a cult following for a show that was incredibly unique. A teen noir, private investigative father-daughter duo putting out crimes through school and the real world, with style! It was a show that was light enough to attract teens, but mature and intelligent enough to attract adults.

And after the third season was cut short, the Veronica Mars team led by creator Rob Thomas is trying to Kickstart the movie to finally end things the right way! There was a discussion of a movie after the series ended, but Warner Bros. didn’t feel there was a large enough audience to validate a major studio movie. But that’s not stopping Rob Thomas and his team! According to sources, he’s attempted to raise the highest goal Kickstarter has ever had for a project: $2 million.

The campaign started today and after a few hours it has already raised over $700,000 for the Veronica Mars movie. The Kickstarter project will end on April 12, which is 30 days from now. So do yourself a favor and gather all of your V-Mars, LoVe, marshmallow friends and pledge to the movie! If you don’t know what Veronica Mars is, watch the show and then pledge!

Speaking of, time for me to pledge. Now how much will I give? Hmm…


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