The Walking Dead – “Arrow on the Doorpost”

Season Three, Episode Thirteen


Grade: B-

After the incredible episode last week that only focused on the trip that Rick, Michonne and Carl took to retrieve weapons, we return to the main (and only) story-line of The Walking Dead: the prison vs. Woodbury. And it reminded me how poor the writing for this season has been with its main story arc. Once we were introduced with the Governor, we knew that there was going to be a showdown between him and Rick, and between Woodbury and the prison. But that’s it. There is nothing else going on at all. It takes Michonne a dozen episodes just to speak up and become friendly. Andrea is tossing and turning trying to figure out who’s right, who’s wrong, and which side to commit to. There has been a few episodes that focused slightly on Glen and Maggie, along with Daryl and Merle. But nothing that lasts more than a few episodes.

This is what’s causing The Walking Dead to fail as a once thrilling and compelling television series. While it was necessary for Shane to be killed when he did, the show is seriously hurting ever since he died. He presented a conflict inside the group, a thin line between what’s right and wrong, a person willing to step up against Rick when he couldn’t make difficult decisions. That, along with Lori’s affair and her loyalty to Rick, was way more interesting than all this this Governor nonsense. But the writers made this decision and has was forced to stick with it.

With three episodes left, when will the final showdown happen? Game of Thrones showed the big battle on their penultimate episode last season, so will The Walking Dead do the same? Probably not since they waited until the last episode of season two for their most action-packed, when a large herd of walkers entered Hershel’s farm. But it’ll be the episode most fans have been anticipated since the beginning of the season.

“Arrow on the Doorpost” wasn’t a terrible episode. It had a very good fifteen minutes, mostly between Rick and the Governor exchanging jabs at each other in a testosterone-filled garage (no wonder Andrew got the boot). And I even though the exchanges between Hershel/Milton and Daryl/one of the Governor’s lackey while their leaders were drinking whiskey. It showed how in the grand scope of thing, they were all people. They had no direct bad blood between each other, only that their leaders are feuding. It reminded me of a short story called “The Last Spin” where two gangs settle their spat by sending one member each to a game of Russian Roulette. In that story, the two gang members bonded over their similar backgrounds, even though they were in gangs that hated one another.

But there were only a good fifteen minutes. The rest of the episode was full of Andrea being annoying, Merle going crazy, and Glen and Maggie shacking up. This is because there is only ONE story-line and when the show doesn’t address the inevitable battle, you get throwaway scenes like Rick chasing a ghost or Glen and Maggie fighting or Carol holding Judith.

Just three episodes left. I think it’s safe to play the game of, Who’s Going to Die? Make your final list of character who will be offed and who will survive by the end of this season. Here’s my list:

– Carol
– Merle
– Beth
– The Governor
– Milton

– Rick
– Carl
– Andrea
– Glen
– Maggie
– Hershel
– Michonne
– Judith
– Daryl


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