Girls – “It’s Back”

Season Two, Episode Eight


Grade: B

We move on after it seems like Jessa will be out of the picture for a while, that is unless Girls shows what Jessa is up to wherever she winds up. I’m not banking on it though because the show is very specific with its group and its location. So moving on, Shoshanna cheats on Ray, Marnie wants to be a singer, and Hannah has a serious case of OCD.

Let’s start out with Shoshanna. After she bumps into an old friend, Radhika, while walking in the park with Ray, she realizes how she’s abandoned her past life since she used to be really close with Radhika. But when they’re invited to a party, Ray declines admitting that it’s creepy for a 33-year-old to be going to a college party. Shoshanna goes anyway and doesn’t have a good time, but before she leaves the attractive doorman hits on her and they end up hooking up.

This really put a dagger in my heart because out of all the characters and their relationships, Shoshanna and Ray were my favorite probably because they were the only ones that seemed genuinely into each other. But here is just a situation where Ray has more to lose than Shoshanna and maybe she knows that. She’s young, pretty, and has her whole life ahead of her. Does she really want to be tied down with Ray at the moment? Doesn’t she want to explore and see who else is out there? These are dilemmas that many young folk have to go through, but almost always someones winds up getting hurt.

While Shoshanna and the doorman were getting it on, Marnie is utterly in distress when she finds out that her ex, Charlie, is incredibly successful from an app he sold. Marnie is one proud girl and she does have what it takes to be a very successful girl in the city, but she just hasn’t had her break yet. So it’s only natural for her to feel jealous of Charlie, who she pretty much dumped because she didn’t respect him much. She goes to complain about her problem to Ray and then Ray responds like he always does, very bluntly. He simply asks her what her dream is. What does she want to do with her life? Almost like a reflex, Marnie answers that she wants to be a singer. Ray’s reaction to this was the funniest moment in the entire episode.

When someone says they want to be a singer, or a writer, or an athlete, your first reaction would be Ray’s reaction… so what’s your second choice? It’s not that Marnie is a bad singer, because she’s quite good. And she certainly has the looks to be a pop star but this isn’t the time to reach for her dreams especially when it’s something so farfetch’d like that. She’s in her late 20’s and she needs to start getting serious. I’m not sure if she’s actually going to try and pursue a career in singing, but whether it’s that or anything with her love for art, she simply needs to catch a break soon and she is certainly due.

Finally, Hannah has a serious case of OCD. She needs to count things to eight, such as laying out eight potato chips and chewing eight times before swallowing. This is something she apparently has had in her past, but we’ve never seen this from her on the show, which makes it sort of… strange. But I guess that’s the point. OCD is a strange disorder that people cannot comprehend unless they’ve gone through it before. What seems to trigger this is all the stress she’s had from writing the e-book. Her parents act like any parents would and are concerned for her even though Hannah doesn’t want to admit her problem.

After a focused episode on Jessa, with Hannah alongside her, “It’s Back” concentrates on the other girls. Also, Adam has a story-line where he appears in an AA meeting and then gets set-up with one of the woman’s daughter. Surprisingly, they hit it off and we see a side to Adam that we’ve never really seen before. He’s charming and very easy to talk to during their blind date. So how much of his craziness stems from Hannah?

While it was out of the blue to show Hannah and her OCD, my main concern is how long this is going to last. It seems like an okay story-line for one episode, but will Hannah’s OCD continue? Will Marnie actually pursue a career in singing? Or was this all just something to mention but eventually throwaway?


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