New Girl – “TinFinity”

Season Two, Episode Eighteen


Grade: A-

Whenever there is a group of friends, no matter how small or large the group, there are always two that you just know are closer to each other than the rest of the gang. In New Girl, we have the four roommates and there’s no doubt that Nick and Schmidt are the closest two of the group. They celebrate their 10 year anniversary of living together and share a real bro-moment when Schmidt needs a pick-me-up.

There are some hilarious scenes in TinFinity, most from Nick such as when he asks Jess if there’s icing on his lips or when he brings in his porta potty. Speaking of, the whole Nick and Jess awkwardness isn’t over yet and most of the times I would complain about how a sitcom isn’t burning through a story-line quickly enough, but I feel that this is the most legitimate real-life story that New Girl has out of all of its cartoon-ish situations. You senses their tension during the first season and while that took a back-seat for the beginning of the sophomore season, now it found its way dead center.

And the way their characters are makes it believable that something like a kiss would linger for a long while. Nick doesn’t want to talk about it and Jess wants to know what he’s thinking, but at the same time whenever things get weird for her she just runs away as well (which isn’t as funny as moon-walking away). While Jess took Cece’s advice to hook up with another guy, Jax ended up being the complete opposite of Nick, which was way too emotional. Nick seems to be taking their situation much better, though he definitely started feeling jealous when Jax and Jess hit it off.

In the end, Cece is proposed to and she accepts. To pour salt into that wound, they steal Schmidt’s thunder by taking his spotlight, his moment on stage with the soft music and the dazzling lights, and the infinity cake. But there they were, Nick and Schmidt, alone by themselves from the rest of the party just talking like guys do. Just acknowledging “that sucks” about the whole Cece thing is all guys need sometimes, and then to share a bottle of bourbon for the win. Less is more in this case and New Girl hits it right on the head.


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