The Walking Dead – “I Ain’t a Judas”

Season Three, Episode Eleven


Grade: C+

Just for the record, I was pretty disappointed over last week’s sloppy episode of The Walking Dead. Characters were out of character, motivations were without motivation, and once again there was just too much talking going on. The conclusion with the Governor and his lackies dumping walkers into the prison grounds was riveting and action-packed, but what the hell? With Rick, Merle, and Daryl on the outside, the Governor could’ve easily wiped them out if he brought probably five more men. But he just smirks and then drives away. Mission accomplished? What was the mission, to absolutely give away the element of surprise? Well done then.

It was nice to see Tyrese and his small group back on the show, but they enter Woodbury and are very willing to join up with the Governor to kick Rick’s ass. A bit strange for Tyrese and his girl, whom seemed like decent people, willing to fight with the Governor and slay all of those “good people.” I know they’re pissed at Rick for driving them out, but will they be willing to slaughter the entire group? I don’t believe so.

And staying on topic, the Governor and Milton are very eager to learn about the layout of the prison. Plus they’re training everyone in the community that can hold a gun. So they’re obviously getting ready to attack again, but seriously, they could’ve easily taken over the prison last episode. I just don’t get that at all.

Anyway, back to “I Ain’t a Judas,” Andrea goes to the prison to see her old friends and possibly persuade them to a truce. While her stay was very brief, the purpose was for her to see how much everyone has changed since she last saw them being overrun by walkers at the farm. The group is certainly a broken one, with deaths to many of them, and with Rick going crazy. They’re all on edge and compared to the way Woodbury is living, they’re barbarians. She’s frightened by them and also feels guilty because she knows they don’t stand a chance against the Governor and his army. But in the end, she goes back to Woodbury to sleep in a warm, comfortable bed. And there was absolutely no chance that she was going to kill the Governor. That little tease was just a drawn-out, annoying conclusion to a stale episode.

Andrea has become a big problem in The Walking Dead, because I cannot imagine any viewer still invested in her character and her story-line. She’s always preaching for what is right and is never satisfied with anything. But because we have the two locations, she’s one of the major characters on the show. I’m not saying that Laurie Holden is a bad actress, but there’s something horribly wrong with her character. She’s so far away from receiving any sympathy from the audience, I don’t think there’s another character I’d rather see killed. What’s her purpose on the show? To sleep with the Governor, complain to the Governor, and just have the Governor walk all over her? If her purpose was to remind us how ruthless Rick’s group has become, then that’s over with. Now it’s time to be over with Andrea.

So is the show still aiming to have that big showdown between Woodbury and the prison? If so, it really doesn’t seem like it’ll be much of a fight. And we know that they won’t wipe out one group because after all, this is a television show. There aren’t enough characters to just wipe out the majority of the main group. But in the end this was an episode setting up bigger and better things to come. Fans might be frustrated, but The Walking Dead is carefully moving its pieces around the chess board until the big moment comes. I just hope they get there sooner than later.


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