How I Met Your Mother – “Weekend at Barney’s”

Season Eight, Episode Eighteen


Grade: A-

How I Met Your Mother has not been awful, but it hasn’t been great either, but “Weekend at Barney’s” is a great episode for the show (though maybe it’s because there are a lot more lows than highs). Full of quick cuts, ominous music, and silly shenanigans, this is a classic HIMYM episode from start to finish.

We find out that Barney’s Playbook isn’t actually destroyed, which he staged during “The Robin.” That was just a ceremonial Playbook. He brings the Playbook out to help Ted find a date for his and Robin’s wedding. “New is always better,” he tells Ted, persuading him to break up with Jeanette. So Ted goes to MacLaren’s with Barney in his ear-piece to walk him through plays in the Playbook.

But when Robin walks in on the whole operation and discovers that Barney has lied to her about the Playbook being destroyed, she storms out. Barney runs after her while Ted encounters Jeanette running into him at the bar. The conversation between Robin and Barney on the street was sincere and displays what HIMYM does so well, that is presenting real-life drama in an otherwise light, silly sitcom. Neil Patrick Harris delivers his lines in a way we know that Barney is telling the truth. His life is full of lies because that’s who he is and what he does well. Even the proposal that swept off Robin’s feet were a string of lies. But the only thing that matters is that they love each other, and that’s the truth. This was a very strong moment in the episode.

In the other story-line, Lily brings Marshall to an art exhibit to see what kind of gem she can locate for the Captain. Marshall tries to fit in but seems to be rusty with his ability to befriend anyone, anywhere. This part of the episode brought the biggest laugh when Marshall drops his Skittles during a moment of silence for the artist’s deceased grandmother. Marshall doesn’t move an inch, but the Skittles kept falling onto the floor.

Overall, it’s good news that HIMYM can still provide laughs and drama to an episode in its light and fun way. Jeanette is finally out of Ted’s hair (at least I hope) and we’re only six episodes until the end of the eighth season. Can we expect some huge cliffhanger? Maybe involving a yellow umbrella? Make it happen!


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