Tweetle Dumb: Valentine’s Day Edition

I remember when I was young and I really though that the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day was to grab a girl to go to dinner with and then see a movie… or vis versa, depending on what part of my night I didn’t want to hear her nagging. Anyway, as a Valentine’s Day tribute, here are some of the best tweets I found about movies…


First of all… having your name as Dyldo the Great is hilarious. Bonus points! Second of all, this dude really needs a hug or something because he’s obviously suicidal if he’s comparing his miserable day to the catastrophe that was the Valentine’s Day film. Cheer up!


How to lose a “gut” in 10 days, huh? Strangely, I bet that would’ve sold a lot more (with more critical praise) than How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.


On Valentine’s Day, anything is possible.


Wait… is this some kind of knock-knock joke? When a movie hits you a bit too close for home,WHO?! Or did she (he?) forget the #ftw hashtag? Or maybe the not-so-well-known hashtag #sdiwtkm (so depressed i want to kill myself). I don’t know, this tweet just confused me.


I know you’re limited to only 140 characters in Twitter, but “B. Willis”? Really? Because I’ve never heard anyone call the Die Hard actor as anything but Bruce Willis. He’s one of those full name actors like Johnny Depp or Will Smith where you just need to say the whole name… not like Denzel.


What’s so funny about that? She states the obvious (yes, people want to see new movies) and then laughs uncontrollably at it. I don’t get it, just as much as I don’t get why she has two “x”s in her first name.


For the last tweet in this Tweetle Dumb post, I must point out Niki’s love for the film, Blue Valentine. Aside from it sharing the word “Valentine,” there is NOTHING romantic about this film at all. Honestly, I’m doubting Niki has actually seen Blue Valentine. Yes, it’s a very good film, but to hashtag #romance just makes everything too unbelievable. Oh, what a great time to plug one of my past posts!

Blue Valentine made my lose my faith in love.


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