The Walking Dead – “The Suicide King”

Season Three, Episode Nine


Grade: B-

Is it safe to say that The Walking Dead is the most interesting show with one-dimensional characters? I think it is. How are they one-dimensional? Please, don’t get me started.

The second half of the sophomore season continues right where we left off. Merle and Daryl are thrown against each other by the Governor, only to be saved by Rick and his gang. No surprise there because in a show that no one is really safe in, did you actually think Daryl would be offed here? If you’re a main character, you’re not exempted from dying, but you will get your due in a drawn out scene ala Shane or Lori.

What does happen isn’t exactly shocking either. After saving the brothers, Rick doesn’t trust Meryl to have him join the group, but at the same time Daryl can’t leave Meryl again. So the two brothers separate from the group as they return to the prison. At the prison, we see how good a guy Tyrese is and how willing they are to join Rick’s group. Everything makes sense to have them join, especially because the group is weak without Daryl. But right when it looked like Rick was coming around to the idea, he sees a ghost (of Lori?) and flips out, forcing Tyrese and his troop out of the prison.

This wasn’t a terrible episode, but there was a lot to be desired. No surprises and if Michonne remains mute then might as well just kill her off. We all know Daryl isn’t going to be far away from the action, but let’s hope he’s reunited with the group sooner than later. As for Woodbury, the place has become chaotic and it was quite hilarious (unintentionally) when Andrea calmed the town down with a speech. I get how this was an episode to get everyone back up to speed but something that The Walking Dead does not do well is dialogue. The show is much more effective when there is action instead of words, unfortunately there was way too much talking here (I guess Michonne does have something right).

Okay, so Rick is obviously still going crazy and now Daryl is wandering the woods with his a-hole brother. The Governor is still a one-eyed creep and I just assume he’s plotting to swing back at Rick’s group. With Daryl out, Tyrese is probably the coolest character of the bunch, that is if Rick allows them to be. Other than that, Glen and Maggie are having problems and Andrea pleads for the Governor to lead, but doesn’t really know where her allegiance is to… not that it really matters.


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