New Girl – “Pepperwood”

Season Two, Episode Fourteen


Grade: C

Jess has a break-through with one of her students in her adult writing class (no, they don’t write erotic fiction), but Nick suspects that the student is plotting to kill Jess. The only thing to do is, you guessed it, spy on the student using an alter ego. Julius Pepperwood, ex-cop, ex-marine, from Chicago. The two of them Nancy Drew their way to the student’s home until (spoiler alert!) they find out that he’s really not a serial killer! Wow! What a waste of fifteen minutes just for some cheap laughs and a throw-away story. Well done New Girl.

As for the other half of the episode, I’m still not sure how I feel about all of the pogoes being bounced off of each character (except for Cece since it stays in the loft). It’s not like this story-line hasn’t been done before (Friends, How I Met Your Mother), but it’s always fun to reveal characters’ flaws and how they react. Schmidt’s toe nails and eye brows definitely took the cake for all the chatter, though Winston’s morningwood was hilarious as well.

In the end, there wasn’t much substance in “Pepperwood,” though I’m expecting less and less from New Girl because of this sophomore season. But hey, if they’re just aiming for syndication then “Pepperwood” was golden.


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