Ben and Kate – “Bake Off”

Season One, Episode Thirteen


Grade: A-

The past episode concentrated a lot on Ben and getting his Rail Mall off the ground. While that again was the focus for Ben’s half of the episode, Kate’s half was the better half. We see the return of Will and their first exchange in the beginning was classic, awkward Kate. This is where Dakota Johnson is at her finest, being the adorable and shy girl that never knows what to say or do when talking to a guy she likes. She practically out-Zoeeys Zoeey Deschanel, in the aspect that she’s such a cute and “adorkable” girl that is more realistic than the confident, gorgeous women that clutter movies and television.

So Will invites Kate over to a small party at his place. The two are in that post-breakup stage where they’re both unsure of what’s acceptable or what isn’t, but they want to remain civil and since they’re neighbors, they will definitely still see a lot of each other. So at the party, Kate is working her way up to talk to Will but gets distracted by some delicious cupcakes. I cringed at the idea that she might’ve just walked into a pot-cupcake and the rest of the episode would’ve been Will taking care of her. No need to fear, the writers of Ben and Kate are better than that (although that was already done with Ben and Tommy).

What ends up happening is Kate invites herself over to Lance’s place only because of her and Will’s odd exchange where they both have been seeing other people, which is obviously a lie. But Kate is surprised by how much she’s enjoying spending time with Lance. Lance provides Kate with a guy who reminds her of herself. He’s socially awkward and actually embraces her weirdness. She’s able to talk to him instead of reaching a high-pitch noise full of nerves. It’s actually really pleasant to watch the two baking together in the kitchen (even if Kate didn’t wash her hands).

Meanwhile, Ben and Tommy run into trouble when they meet with a board to approve of Rail Mall and Ben ends up firing everyone from the project, including Vera. The scene that takes place during the end where everyone ends up through Kate’s house is hilarious, specifically when Stephanie admits she has no where to stay within Ben and Kate’s home. Like before when it seemed like Ben’s idea hit a wall, he was able to introduce a new aspect that had Vera very excited once again.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention BJ and Maddie’s story-line. They were auditioning for a commercial and had to play a family, but of course BJ is British and Maddie isn’t. It was adorable to hear Maddie attempt a British accent. But in the end, the director wanted BJ and not Maddie, but the good person BJ is she told Maddie that she was perfect and it was her own fault why they didn’t get the commercial. That definitely made up for when BJ tried to act like a real mother in front of Kate, which she described as “terrifying.”

In the end, the show revolves around the talent of Dakota Johnson and her character Kate. She misses Will but when he barges in and kisses her, she knew it was wrong (though she still craved it). She told BJ earlier that she doesn’t want to just hook up, she actually wants someone to be with. So it makes sense that Kate chooses the comfort of Lance over Will because Will simply cannot get on board with Kate’s crazy lifestyle and her family and friends. And like this show reminds us, those are the most important things in the world.


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